Wednesday, May 24, 2023


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 1955 Plymouth Belvedere

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It is hard for us who have all the modern technology to understand how folks lived without ice.  When the weather is HOT we use it without questioning how that everyday use came from a history of a lot of work.

Thinking before refrigeration ,,,,,The first I remember learning how ice was preserved from winter, for the summer, was on our visit to Mt. Vernon. I learned that Folks like George Washington supervised the cutting of ice from the river then took it into a deep cellar and covered layers and layers with straw. Living near rivers made that much simpler.

My girl is an ice lover.  She takes advantage of the little icemaker we added to this coach. As a rule around here, she has a glass of ice near by. She loves to 'chomp' on it. Now this same lady carries a sweater with her in the heat of the summer just in case too much cold air is blown in a business.

Cutting ice in Fairbanks

In Fairbanks, Alaska in the winter they cut ice into huge blocks.  Artists carve this ice into beautiful artwork. It was summer when visited Fairbanks but for us (tourists) they have a refrigerated Museum to save the winning carvings. What a good visit and tour that was.

 Some sculps from there:

These are HUGE!

Our Granddaughter Sherece along with members of her mama’s family just completed a trip to Alaska. They had a great time.  We cannot wait to talk to her about it.

It is no secret that Ice is wonderful, BUT most of us, even down south, know that ice can be very dangerous. Especially you guys up in the CCCold country.

But we all can smile, summer is near and we have A/C and refrigeration.. AND ICED TEA!  ;-) 


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Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness! Again, I learned something. The furthest my memory goes back were those metal ice-cube trays mother kept in the wee freezer compartment. Always careful when I'd lift the 'arm' that none would shatter all over the floor.

Those sculptures are truly amazing. Did Sherece and family take an Alaskan cruise? That was one of our favorite trips, ever.

PS - When I think of ice, my mind goes right to the famous (infamous?) -5* Ice Bar in Las Vegas.
I wanted so badly to visit when we were there, but time didn't allow. I had a co-worker who did, however, and she said even bundled and gloved up they only allow people to stay in there like 15-20 minutes. Does that sound like something y'all would like?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

For years we had a ice place in our town where you could go and get a block of ice. When modern refrigeration took over most people went there only for dry ice for their kids science experiments. I love iced cold drinks too. They do help to cool you down. I wish I had one of those ice makers but I have to go out and buy a bag of ice when I need to have a good supply on hand. Otherwise make do with ice cube trays in the freezer. That's enough for just me. Yes, Ice in the winters here can be very dangerous. Thankfully we have roads that are salted to prevent accidents.

yaya said...

The milkman delivering milk in my neighborhood had chunks of ice in the truck and he would give a chunk to us kids! Jack was just suggesting we get a table top icemaker so when the kids come for a get together we have ice at the ready. Not a bad idea. Our new fridge doesn't have an icemaker since we have well water and it could cause problems with the icemaking. We have icecube trays but not the metal ones! I remember them well! Up here in the winter I can take the snow but it's the ice storms that make me sweat! WE have ice sculpturing festival in January but nothing as magnificent as the ones pictured here. We went to Alaska and it was my favorite trip ever. Hopefully we'll get back there again! Have a wonderful and ice filled Memorial Day weekend! Thank you for your service Jack!

Lisa said...

I love ice Coffee and Ice Tea but I drink my water room temperature and never chomp ice. My teeth wont let me.


Chatty Crone said...

I can't believe Sherri chomps on ice - I think my teeth would break!
The sculptures were unique.
I do remember my mother telling me how the ice man would come around and sell blocks of ice for their 'iceboxes'.