Friday, May 19, 2023

Unsolved mystery solved? Leaving many questions.

Called Bullet Nose the 50-51 Studebaker was laughed at, although it was a very good car When one drove by kids would ask, "Is it coming or going?"

For today, some solved mysteries leave more mystery:

I read a story on the news. In Illinois a girl 9 (Kala) was not returned to her father after a visit with her mother. Now that the girl is 15, she is found in Ashville, NC and the mother is arrested.

Kala @9yrs:

That leaves me with many questions. None of them answered in the news story. MOST kids 9 years old can use a cell phone.  If they do not have one they are easily borrowed from friends to make a call.  Why did she not call her father to let him know where she was?

IF she was fearful of her mother just a hint to a teacher or police officer would have solved the problem during those 6 years.

I hope there are good answers to these questions, and I hope they are made public.  When I have questions like this I want an answer. She looks happy both before and after. But you know pictures !  SMILE!!!

I wonder the reason the father had custody….

I wonder if she was mistreated……….

I wonder if she is mentally challenged?

Anyway, I know there are injustices in our country. I do trust our system but I do know that even the best intentioned law enforcement and system can make a mistake and cause misery.

I do hope the child is allowed to live with the parent SHE prefers.  It is my understanding that a child 15 is allowed an opinion in custody matters.

Kala @ 15yrs,,,

Most of all, I hope if the mother was justified in her decision to leave with the child that all charges are dropped and they are reunited.  I guess I sympathize for mothers.....


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would want more answers before knowing what to do. She could be very happy living with her mother and had no idea her father wanted her. Her mom could have told her he died. Who knows> Someone does and I hope the best decision is made for her custody.

Chatty Crone said...

Boy Jack you and me both - I would LOVE to know the answers.

Susan Kane said...

Sad, sad. What happened? Why?

Mevely317 said...

Thank you for voicing what all of us are wondering! This reminds me in a way of that sad story from Florida (Kim Mays) where babies were switched at birth. When the bio father won his day in court, the poor girl was (understandably) devastated, being torn away from those she believed were her 'real' parents. There are no winners. Praying for all involved.

yaya said...

No answers here but hopefully this young lady is OK and can find a normal life. How does one disappear for 9yrs and not be found? Especially in this world of technology overload. Things that make you go HMMMMMM.

Unknown said...

I think the father had custody for a reason, and that reason is the mother was probably unfit to have custody, so they gave custody to the father. In my husband's family we have two situations where both father's have custody of their children because both mother's are unfit to have custody. And obviously she wasn't found up until now because the mother kept low and was probably home schooling her. That's my two cents on this story.

Lisa said...

I work in child protective services and this still leaves questions.
The father had to have custody for a good reason. The mom…Well, I cant say I wouldn’t do the same thing if I could get away with it and obviously she thought she could. If this child was never abused or neglected, let the mom go. But thats my opinion and I know the states see it differently.