Thursday, May 4, 2023

The way it was, the way is IS!

Sherry often says, “Why don’t they make things with 'off and on' switches anymore.”

(I say amen to that too!)

I am a ‘fixer’, or I was.  Now things are not made to be fixed by owners.  They seem to be made to be replaced or ‘fixed’ by the ‘professional’ at $95-$210 and hour.

Mama gathered our eggs or paid 12 cents a dozen. I can remember when we paid 50 cents for eggs and 25 cents for a loaf of bread..

Life is no longer simple.  I never watch TV anymore and now I realize much I know and my opinions come from the TV I did watch. If all you know about courts is from TV, pray you never learn what REAL COURTS are all about.

I am trying to adjust to life as it is now.

A ‘new to us ‘ coach. A ‘new to me’ Computer; keeps me confused as I wish we were still traveling, free as a breeze, around this wonderful country .

I have lost a lot of things on the net.  I am questioned every time I visit what was MY sites.  My user names and pass words are not recognized on FB and Blogger. I am not even sure this will post. The last


 Entry where I tried to explain my error about our health disappeared.  BTW My problems are NOT HEALTH related, just a mental strain.


I appreciate all the good words, prayers and comments.  THEY say things will get better. ;-)


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