Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas R U ready?

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas. WE have our dash decorated. Sherry lay a white garland across the front, with a striger of lights and we (she) dug the tree out from under the Bed. We walk around the park at night to see what others have done. Not all but there are several who really decorate. I love to see Christmas decorations. It is a wonderful season. We walked last night to look and sang a couple Christmas Carols as we walked, not for anyone in particular, just for our enjoyment.
One lady who is traveling alone (She tows a trailer and has a dummy in the seat beside her. (Sonny my sweet brother in law says, “so what, Sherry has been doing that for years!” gonna smack him one day.) Anyway she has decorations all around her trailer. They are even hanging in the trees out in the swamp. She bought a six foot tree and has decorated it outside. We like it.
I sang to the cows as we walked by the fence. All is forgiven and I promised not to rustle and cook one. I sang my best ‘Yippee ti yo ti yaaa’. When we got back to the fence after walking around the park my cows were gone. I was puzzled, My girl just rolled her eyes and said, ‘ Now, I wonder why they left?” I am still puzzled.
Were families ever like I thought? Mama Daddy and children with most of the family nearby to drop by and say Merry Christmas? I miss the concept anyway, even though I have contributed to it’s demise.

Shirl is entertaining distant relatives. They relate to a great(dark) history lesson in our family, so I will not tell it. Maybe she will in her blog, or give me permission.
BTW. OKAY Shirl I am Sorry! That is my apology and I am sticking to it.
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click for the christmas card.(These people amaze me, but I like this kind of snow)

> A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong
> enough to take everything you have.
> -Thomas Jefferson

I remember my SWEET Grand daughter Reececup telling me this when she was a kid:
How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?

Unique Up On It.

How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit?
Tame Way.


shirl72 said...

No don't tell that story the lady is 98 years
young and mind sharp. To many involved. I feel Whitt is a little bitter because his mother had a real hard life. Both ladies were such sweet people. Lets leave skeltons in the closet. You never know who reads the blog. You might stir up hornets nest. It is only interesting to the family who is left. Now I'm sure we have everybody's curiosity up. The Nut in Ca. is E-mailing me the story. It must have happened 80 years ago. I don't think I have the story straight. Maybe we will tell later. Let everybody make up their own story. Remember
Whitt is a Minister.


Sheila Y said...

Let me know how you like 'Cracker's Mule' if you read it. Indian creek runs down below where I grew up too. (you'll understand that if you read it). take care and have a Merry Christmas. Sheila

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack.

No we are not ready. We are those people who wait till the last minute. I think I would really have to think up a good remark for that brother in You and Miss Sherry have a great Christmas week.

God Bless


Paula said...

The lady who travels alone really has the spirit. Good for her. Nice of you to sing to the cows. Did Sherry chime in?

Woody said...

How sweet you sang the cows some Moooosic!!lol
2 years ago we spent all winter in Lake Okeechobee, I decorated one of them sharp pointed spike type plants, we put up lights in the trailer and was surprised at how many decorated. Glad yer warm and content.

you 2 take care.


jun said...

Hey jack, first let me say thank you for the song you left on my blog. mama probably did tell me there would be days like that but it was long ago and I probably was not
I saw a van with a red nose in front and antlers on each side , one in each front window. Then I saw another with half a deer {fake} hanging out of the trunk , trailing down like it was slammed in the trunk, yuck.
it is still raining here so i did not bother with lights outside. still hanging in there, jun

Lucy said...

I knmow those cows enjoyed being caroled to. Wonder why they Left??? lol That is cool that you decorate wherever you are. It is a lot more Christmasy here, snowing, blowing hard, and 32 below sindchill expected tonight. Just think how you and Sherry could cuddle!!! Lucy

betty said...

LOL, we're just starting to shop today but we don't have too many gifts to buy; should be "wrapped" up by this afternoon. Loved this entry, Jack, you are in a festive mood; so glad! I think it would be neat to walk around and see the other decorations; we sort of did that last night but we drove neighborhoods

enjoy the day


Terri said...

Awwww how cute that you all decorate your dash!

I think we are finally ready for Christmas..well almost...tree is up, presents are we just have to wrap them all...time is

Thanks for saying I really know what I am doing on this computer(really i don't)..haha I just explore and learn as I go...

Merry Christmas

Loved the joke from your grandaughter :)