Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thought I was At Woody's house!

Assistant Waiter and Dr. Tatum at our dinner table.
Napkin Stork, created by our waiter. Close up it looked much better than the photo.

Sherry and I just before dinner.

To be honest it is a feast. Decorative foods good food. Oriental, Italian, American & Soul foods. Fish, beef, lamb, chicken & Duck. Names I could not pronounce and names I did not want to try to pronounce. The crew was as varied. Skipper was from Sweden, Exec. Chef, from Germany. We met crew members from Jamaica, Guyana, Belize, S. Africa, Bahamas, India and more.

Now is you wanted a snack and did not want to leave the room you could chose from the mini bar. M&M’s, Oreo cookies, and peanuts. They were a measly $6.95 each. Or you could have had a drink, coke for $1.69. Of course everything was there when we left. Why would you pay that much, when the food in the dining area was free (Free as in: INCLUDED IN the price of the cruise) and only a few decks up by elevator?

Had I still been a drinker, I could not, at $6 to $15 a drink, I am just too cheap, or as I figure, smart!

All the waiters did tricks. Balancing silverware and folding napkins to make panties, storks, braziers, swans, etc.

I loved the wood work and the brass work aboard the ship. As I stated in the log I enjoy cleaning heads (toilets), I also love to shine brass. I even like to see shined chrome on faucets, I dislike water spots. (ha!).

I love standing and watching the sea move and work. I love white caps, and I enjoy heavy seas. But out on deck in the wind it is terrible on my ears with the hearing aids.

There was a theatre aboard that would seat approx 800 to a 1000 (my guess). The lighting is fantastic during the shows.

I enjoyed the privilege of being addressed as Captain while aboard. WE had a very pleasant surprise our pastor Dr. Tatum and his wife, Betty, were also on the cruise. We were even assigned the same table for dinner. It was a pleasant surprise. There was a couple at our table for whom my dad had performed their wedding ceremony, Mike and Brenda Taylor. We knew some folks from our home church in NC would be aboard, but did not know who. So I never said any bad words or acted up on the cruise. I knew my sister would ask Dr. T, as she calls him, how her brother had done. And for fear of being left out of her will, I was very good.

Once down in the Bahamas the weather was balmy. Other than outrageous prices on the things not included in the cruise costs, everything was great. As I have said on this blog, we live simply. The only expenses we had was parking the car ($60) and the tips to the ships personnel ($78). Our cruise price had a $25 credit which meant the tips would be $53.

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(Return for the story of Women on the cruise, a woman who is FANTASTIC, (Not my Sherry even))
TEACHER: Randy, how do you spell 'crocodile?'


TEACHER: No, that's wrong

RANDY: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.


Debbie said...

Wow the snacks and drinks are outrageous but I bet they sell a bundle to folks who go all out on these cruises. That's great that there were folks that you and Sherry knew on ship and dining with you guys, small world isn't it. I'll never be out on the sea so I really enjoy you telling us about it here. The towel and napkin folding sounds great and I'm sure amazing to see the talents of others. I can just imagine how being on deck played havoc with your hearing aides. The last time I heard brazier was from my Grandma many years ago it's a bra to me, lol. Oh, and Jack you dress up good! Glad you and Sherry had a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear more about it.
P.S. Now if it will accept my comment I'll be happy, haha. Been having problems with blogger.

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

It all sounded really nice. I know you guys had a really great time.

God Bless


Woody said...

So glad you enjoyed the Voyage, Looks like ya did from the Grins on your faces in the picture!!!!!! How did the Sea Legs Do!! Our last trip to Miami we took my brother -in laws boat and went by waterway to look at Star Island and some other places, we pulled up along side of one of these monsters!! They look inpressive, Looking forward to a discription of the trip, doubt I'll ever get the chance to do one!! Food sounded fabulous!!

Paula said...

I don't blame you I would keep that elavator hopping for those prices too. Nice that there were people aboard that you knew but I imagine it was nice to meet new people too. So glad you and Sherry had a good time.

shirl72 said...

Don't worry about being good. I am spending your
inhertance big time. Parties for 25 people,
buying shoes and I have found some bargain purses, I like them also. I will see Dr. T. and get the truth. Mike and Brenda will tell me about your behavior. Sounds like you have
a swell time.


Terri said...

Shirl and I should be sisters with our love of shoes and purses :)

Ohhh Jack your making me want to go on a cruise so bad! I wouldn't pay that amount for M&M's and other snacks..can you bring some along in your luggage?..LOL Ya can't beat free food all the time...who would want to spend $ on the other stuff...

If you me an estimated price on how much it would cost Jeff and I total...for the cruise, parking, tips etc...


Lucy said...

Jack, you clean up good. You made Sherry proud, I bet. The prices would have made me faint. So good to see you back and loved all the pictures. Glad to see that Shirl is spending your inheritance and I just bet she has a ball doing it and she will find ourt the truth from Dr. T.

betty said...

yum with all the good! that is what I always here about people who take cruises, how good and abundant the food is! again seems like you both had such a good time and so good that people you knew were aboard at the same time; that made it even more special!


Anonymous said...

I never even open the door to the mini bars! They might charge me for looking! Lindie