Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Illegal dumping

Above is George, Me & Sherece. Below is Sherry Learning a cheer from Sherece, the cheerleader.

This is a small section of the sign forest. Located at Watson Lake in the Yukon, travelers stop here to post a sign with their name or hometown name on it. Tradition since the ALCAN was built. I am to the left, next Dick and Kat. WE are a little hard to see (I don't know how they get the sign on the high spots).(click to enlarge) BElow, Dick (BIL) and I wash the Saturn beside a fast flowing river in the Yukon. The Saturn was one of the few cars you could tow with 4 wheels ont he ground with our damage to the transmission.

Today's entry....l...

Some Bloggers are able to make you think. This time it was Paula, the cowgirl! Illegal dumping. Remote cameras are a good idea.

We all see it. There was a time I blamed the government, but they have relaxed some rules. One thing that has always bugged me was tires. There was a time when ‘recaps’ were big, and the tire dealers sold a tire for $20, plus your old recap able tire. Now I think new tires are more reasonable, so the old tire is just in the way. For MANY YEARS it cost a person to get rid of a tire. Thus the tires in the woods and along the road. Why a county would rather pay someone to collect these discarded tires, haul them and get rid of them, than taking them free for disposal in the first place, I will never know. THEN IN THE LAST FEW YEARS THEY PLACED the onus on the tire dealer or mechanic. YOU COLLECT A DISPOSAL FEE and send it to the government. I have asked tire dealers if they got a percentage of this for handling the tire and the answer I got was, 'not that I know of’.
So now when you buy an appliance, tire etc you pay for it’s disposal when you purchase it. We have bought stoves and refers and they all carry a disposal fee. I think TV’s also. So where does the money go? Dogged if I know, some government desk jockey found a way to collect more of your money and hire someone to account for it etc. Bigger government. Every administration that has been elected state and federal ALL promise the same thing, we are going to cut government. HA!
What started this tirade? Oh yes, illegal dumping. At home the dump will accept two tires without a charge, $2 each for more. Makes no sense when the person buying the tire, paid for its disposal. Oh well. Maybe they have changed, I don’t go to the dump anymore.
We get exercise now carrying our trash to the dumpster.
I think it would be wonderful if someone would come up with a genuine great way to recycle tires (by the millions). I have seen rubber mulch, but that is only a drop in the bucket to the number of old tires.
Nuff said. (a long time ago)

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shirl72 said...

The world is a dump yard that is some people's
thinking. Yes I have paid $2.00 for the tires to be picked up and that is without the rim.
We have a lot of slobs in the world and it seems
to be getting worse.

I have one more party tonight and hope that
is all until everything starts over next Monday.


Shirl the other S

Paula said...

Oh boy! Now you have stirred me up again. What about disposing of old computers and microwaves? I wonder if appliances will last as long as they once did. I'm still using Harvest Gold so you know how many years thats been since they were popular or I bet Sherry does. I was so happy when I finally had all matching appliances and then it wasn't long they came out with something else. Happy New Year to you both.

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

It really bugs me the paying for disposal when there has to be some why to recycle them.

God Bless


betty said...

did you know in Montana where we lived going to the dump was free; here they charge an arm and a leg

never thought about the disposal fees and who they went to; just always grateful someone would do it for me, know what I mean?

I just hate it when people dump their couches in empty fields, what's with that?

hope you guys have a good New Year's Eve


Lucy said...

I think I can say I live sort of the middle of a dumping ground. Those houses that were cited on 14th, my street, house next door is one plus 2 more, and 4 houses they own across the aLLEY from us that faces 15th are absolutely unbelievable how bad it really is, and the health dept. just issues a warning to clean it up, they do a little and forget it, as does the health dept. I have never turned them in but someone is doing it pretty regularly but it is never carried through. Oh well, we can't afford to move so we just ignore it. Happy New Year

Debbie said...

I don't know what they do in other states where tires are concerned but I know what they do here. That disposal fee goes to the state. The tire dealer or mechanic pays out of pocket to dispose of those tires. If the tire dealer purchases his tires from another dealer in the state he has to pay the disposal fee when making the purchase too, so anyway you slice it the state gets double the disposal on that, when the tire is purchased and when it's sold. The dealer or mechanic also does all the paper work involved to send to the state either monthly or quarterly. The state scans the paper work through the computer and if they think you've made a mistake they send you new paperwork to fill out about six months later and you have to go digging through your files to start all over again. Now if you're one day late on your payment to them you have to add another 5% to the total you already own them for doing all their work for them. What a joke!
There are no free rides at our dump here. The bigger the tire the higher the cost. Last counts I had a tractor tire cost 25 bucks to take to the dump.
I noticed Paula mentioned computers and microwaves. Here the dump won't take computers I think it's because they have mercury or some other harmful something in them not sure about microwaves. The best I remember Gary told me the scrap metal yard has some kind of machine to detect if someones tried to throw a computer in the trunk of an old car and you can't leave tires on the junk cars either. They also won't take a fridge or air conditioner that still has freon in it, it is supposed to be removed by a professional before disposal. A flouresent light, yeah I know I didn't spell it right, cost a dollar each to dispose of at the dump because of the mercury in them.
Yeah I don't like dumping either and wouldn't do it myself. It makes me mad when I have to pick up all the trash that folks have thrown out in our ditch and on our bank as they are driving down the road. Not too long ago someone threw out 4 tires in one our neighbors front yard the neighbor was upset and I don't blame him. Ya can't put camera's everywhere to catch these folks that are doing it.

jack69 said...

DEbbie just touched on what I was saying. What happens when joe crap head drops 4 tires on you yard, now you have to pay to get rid of them? Just not right! It goes back to what Will Rogers said, "The government has made more crooks than Prohibition itself" or something like that. Waht do you do with a flourescent(?) light? I break it and leave it with the other trash.

Terri said...

Looks like you and Mom covered it all...

I never did understand why people would dump stuff here and there and everywhere..leaving the mess for others to deal with...

With our mowing business it sure makes ya think twice before littering again...after having to pick up all the crap people throw out as they drive down the road... UGH!

Happy New Year..wishing you and Sherry all the best in 2009!

That Shirl is sure a party girl..I can't keep up with If we were together we sure would have lots of fun though ..hehe