Thursday, January 1, 2009

Quiet on New Year's day.

This was the highlight of last year. Our family trip to Utah, to see the long range family there.
Mark and Shirl awaiting the flight call.
Shirl with a sleepy Elsie Mae.

Son Mark, Me, Luke in front, Sherry and Son Jack. In the Utah country side.

I have hundreds of pictures of Me'n Ben'n Corey asnReece used to say but This is what I could find.

This is Jack and his sons. A few years back.

This is Me'n Ben 'n Corey Now. (Sherece is Me these three ran to gether, Reecde was the youngest and that was famous for her saying: Me 'n, Ben 'n Corey.)

The most exciting thing for me last year was our trip to Utah and seeing these folk, especially little Elsie Mae. Carol's mom Joan, Benjamin Aaron and Carol, the hostess with the mostess.

Seeing Jack and his sons together.

Having my son, and his son, and his son's daughter together! One of life's prizes. I have won!

There are happy times in this life. Think about them!

I don’t think I have anything to say today. EXCEPT Happy New Year to everyone. I wasn’t in Times Square for the celebration. I do the same every year. Stay away. I am still working on my new book. This is a lot of fun for an old man. I am learning you can do about anything in fiction. You can make a character big, little, rich, poor , mean or friendly.
Well I have to get back to writing about a guy who is discouraged with life.
See you next time around. Again Happy New Year.
Nite Shipslog

I realized I was shaking my gallon of milk last night before I poured a glass full. Do you still shake your milk? I know it is habit from when the cream rose to the top, not homogenized, I think it is referred to. But then, it is very hard for me to catch up, we still eat ‘supper’ at our house too.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.
Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when
you can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member :

Peace, love and prosperity to all!
hold on tight to the ones you Love!


Debbie said...

Happy New Year to you, Sherry and your family! I love all the pictures, I know there are alot of good memories from that trip.
I don't shake the milk but it's still supper around our house too.
I think I'm back among the living again, haha. I have alot of catching up to do here you know I gotta put my 2 cents worth in, lol. Now if it will let me leave my comment I will be happy.
Happy New Year!


Woody said...

Happy New Year to you 2, wishing you the best.


shirl72 said...

Love the trip down memory lane. People would not believe how smooth our trip to Utah was
with 11 people. We were welcome and treated
Royally. We stayed together until Reece set
the alarm off going through check in with a
bobby pin in her hair and had to be put in
isolation and we all filed by her and laughed while she was searched. LOL Poor Reece. Funny
things to remember. No bobby pins on our trip back. We were back in the smooth mode.


Sheila Y said...

Happy New Year Jack and Sherry,
We are back home. Had a great Christmas and I know since Sherry was there, yours was great too. Take care, Sheila

jun said...

Yes that was an exciting time for us as well since we shared it through the Shipslog.
That pic of the babies in the back of that vehicle brought back memories for me wih my twins.
your reece is just a gorgeous young lady.elsie mae is a cutie too.
Shirl has beautiful shiny.
i love looking at how the diff generations grow and share the family legacy.
You sure are a fortunate man. may God continue to Bless you all!

Paula said...

No I don't shake my milk but John does. He shakes everything and sometime the lid is not on good and guess who cleans the mess up??? Nice pictures.

betty said...

what great pictures to have for remembering that special time together with the whole family!!! I like how you grouped everyone together too so we knew who belonged to who! very nice family!!

looking forward to reading that new book of yours!! count me in if you need another review of it too written on Amazon after I read it :)


Jean said...

Jack you have a lovely family, and what a special time to remember. Looking forward to your new book Rags. Take care, jean

Terri said...

Happy New Year Jack and Sherry!

Love all of the pics from the trip..

I do occasionally shake the milk..and we still call it supper too...sometimes I do catch myself saying dinner( I think because I read it on other blogs)

Your new book sounds of luck in writing it!