Monday, January 12, 2009

I'll SAy I'm Sorry When......

And please tell me when you hear a leader (or one of the family members) from an Arabic country apologize for calling people sons of dogs, children of satan, Satan and evil. Let’s hear them apologize for throwing the Christian Bible in the trash, burning our flag, stomping or beheading captives. Then I will feel sorry that a Prince called one a raghead. I would hope we had learned our lesson, but I guess we have not.
I wish we would become oil independent so we can say good bye, kill each other off and forget them. We as a nation must want to be dependant. I put ‘rag head’ in the same class as ‘red-neck’ just another by-word, and no, it does not equate to the ‘N’ word in the least. Nuff said! (on my part)

WE are having a cold snap down here, down to the 40’s they are predicting a night and in the 60’s in the day time. That is cold for us. I know you guys feel sorry for us. Thanks.

Mama told me once of an Uncle who had been in the Civil war. Around the fireplace one night he told them of an incident in middle Georgia. He said during the night he was on watch beside a creek, and heard something moving in the leaves on the other side. Then a voice, “Hey Reb, you over there?” He said he froze for a moment then said. “Yeah, Yank, what do you want afore I kill you.”
“Aw don’t do that, I just wanted to know if you got any smoking tobacco?”
“Yeah, why?”
“I’ll trade you a news paper for some.”

He said sure enough they both laid down their rifles and traded. They threw it back and forth in a shoe. Then stood there and jawed for awhile. Said they both agreed they didn’t have nothing agin the other, it was just stupid orders.
Her uncle said he hoped many times he had not killed or wounded that fine man. And was glad he made it back. He said he passed the paper around and finally he gave it to his commanding officer, who commended him for getting the paper.( At least the civil war ended. It has taken many many years to get over it, but as a whole we have. A southerner can go north and vice versa, the most that is usually said is ‘Y’all sure talk funny.” LOL)
That would have been a good thing to run across a newspaper like that in an old trunk. (Thinking of Randy’s steamer trunk)
Thanks for reading this drivel.
Nite Shipslog
6. 40% of McDonald's profits come from the sales of Happy Meals.
7. 315 entries in Webster's 1996 Dictionary were misspelled.
8. The 'spot' on 7UP comes from its inventor, who had red eyes. He was albino.
9. On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents, daily.
10. Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are brother and sister.
Most of the PS stuff I just copy and paste, I don’t guarantee accuracy. Ha!
The above is fun and informative, it is all the US presidents, Some I sure did not remember.
My face is RED....My wife & Lindie inform me I put out the wrong skinny on Phillis Diller She ain't really whats her names mama. That is a story that has been going around a long time they say.


Lucy said...

I agreee completly Jack. This is and always has been inexcusable. I will trade you your cold snap for ours. Windchill right now is 4 below zero at 5:30. Bundle up . Lucy

Woody said...

OH NO!! I sure hope you don't get too Chilled,(LoL), You should not say "Raghead" the proper term should be "Sheet-Head"!

shirl72 said...

Well I sure hate you are having a chill spell.
We are going to get in the teens. Got the outside faucets wrapped also 706. Linda met
me at Hardee and she went to school with Bobby Don and she knew Ed. She was manager of BB&T in
Mt. Holly. We had a good visit. Don't be telling tales on Phyllis Diller.


Paula said...

I really believed Phyllis is Susan's mother. I didn't think they exactly matched but who would lie? hee hee

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

Didn't come across any newspaper but, I did find hand written recipts where my grandfather sold cotten back in the 40' He never threw anything away. I guess what the prince experienced is kinda like being a christian today! They had mock and make fun of christinity and say anything they want to but, we christians better not make fun are say anything about any other religion're a fanatic!

God bless


Sheila Y said...

I forgot to mention I liked the cover for 'Rags' too. Hope you are feeling better. Sheila

Debbie said...

That's a great story about your Uncle. Our daytime highs the next few days are suppose to be around 16 or below, guess it will make the propane company happy. I hope you have extra covers so you don't freeze down there.


Lucy said...

We survived the night but it colder than billy hell this morning.

Terri said...

LOL@ Lucy saying colder than billy hell

I've never heard that before..

It is freezing here in the 20's...the low the next couple days is in the teens and even single digits one night...BRRRR!!!!

Stay you and Sherry a reason to cuddle and snuggle :)


jun said...

HEY JACK, great story
real people fight in wars but they often loose their humanity. it cant be helped. just goes with the territory.
i didnt even know what a rag head was lol that whole thing was just over my head until i found out now that I know I am still confused