Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fashion/style Gestapo

These two were supposed to appear just before today's entry, under style. This is two Army Sargeants. Sgt. G & Sgt Brooks. Didn't make Sgt's like this when I was in. HA!
This is the Bra on our last Motor Home. I painted it whle in San Antonio not long after 9/11

HOme of the Buffalo Soldiers, Fort Huachuca, AZ

Art (Hattie's husband) at one of Sherry's wild parties. He is a Buffalo Soldier from Pennsylvania.

Hattie and Monroe at Sherry's wild party.

Trudy, Married to Rick below. Sherry's friends (mine also, but she knows them better)

Rick, at the Charlotte MEPS.

Now today's exciting entry!!!

I had to laugh a day or so ago, AOL had a headline, ‘Finally some style in the White House’. There was a picture of the next First Lady. I didn't laugh at how she looked nor the dress. I just remembered back during the primary campaigns AOL had listed her as the ‘worst dressed’ or something like that. The comment was also made that she wears clothes ‘off the rack’. To me that was a compliment but it was used like ‘how horrible’. Very seldom do I hear something negative on what a man wears. But a woman politician (or connected to), it is what she wears rather than what she says. (isn’t that sad?)

I learned long ago you cannot ‘fight city hall’, to use an overused term. Whatever the ‘authorities’ say is Gospel. It has always bothered me for someone to decide what is best for me (or society) to wear. It amazes me how the ‘Style Gestapo’ rules the world, especially in Women’s clothes. What amazes me more, is the sweet women in this world that buy into it. And keep the high end garment industries in business. So that I hear there are women with gowns/dresses costing thousands of dollars bought for one occasion. I can’t imagine that making sense to ANYONE, but then that is my opinion. I only wish a person could wear just what they want to wear, not what someone else dictates, without wondering: will someone else wear an outfit like this at the party or at church.

Back when my occupation ‘required’ wearing suits, I was told by a very dear friend that you could tell the quality of a suit by one simple guide, the number of buttons on the sleeve of the suit coat. Three buttons, off the rack, less expensive. The more expensive, off the rack, has/had four buttons. Since that time I have found myself looking at buttons, then chiding myself, ‘WHY IN HECK DO I CARE?’.

My dad taught me how to buy shoes. This is back when they were all leather. Inside EVERY LEATHER shoe there is a code. The code is in the form of notches. ONE/NO NOTCH is high quality leather. Four or more is low quality leather. I just went to my closet to check my ‘expensive’ Florshiem shoes. They have three notches. They are my Sunday shoes. I bought them 25+ years ago for Sherry’s 25th class reunion. Yeah, I believe in wearing something out, and they still have 20 years left.

One of my pet peeves is buying clothes with someone else’s name on them. If I pay for it, and a name is on it, it will be MINE certainly not Abercrombie or the like!
Rainy and warm here in central Florida today. Hope you are all well.
Nite Shipslog
Will Rogers died in a plane crash, with his friend Wylie Post, in 1935; he was widely known and a beloved figure of his time -- as a political sage and as "just a good ol' country boy." These are some of his"philosophies."

*****Never slap a man who's chewing tobacco.

****** Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

****** There are 2 theories to arguing with a woman...neither works.
******Never miss a good chance to shut up.

*******Always drink upstream from the herd.

******If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. (So I quit)


betty said...

I'm so out of it style wise/fashion wise. I don't know what's in or out anymore LOL; I pretty much wear what I want but then I'm not out in the 'world' so to speak since I work at home and always make sure we find a church that allows casual dress (and of course preaches from the Word); the few times I do have to dress up then I usually panic with what to wear but usually come up with something halfway decent


Paula said...

Not only can you write, you can paint. The bra on the motor home is beautiful. I just can't see paying out a bundle for name brand clothes.

Debbie said...

I don't think I'll ever make the cover of a fashion magazine in my sweatpants and mens pocket tee shirt. I'm like you I wear my stuff until it's completely worn out, some of them past that point, haha. I couldn't tell you what's in style and what's not. Haven't bought any clothes in years. I've got 2 dressy outfits that I bought 10 years ago and my dress shoes were bought at the same time. If I go out to the store or somewhere else I have a pair of slip on canvas shoes I put on cause they are so comfy I don't care if they do have a little hole above my big toe on one foot. I got those for fifty cents about 6 years ago at a rummage sale, hate to part with them, lol. I never heard about the notches on leather shoes but of course I've never had a pair of leather shoes in my life.

Debbie said...

Dang I forgot to comment on the bra of the motor home. It looks great the way you have it painted. I knew you could get bra's for certain cars but didn't know you could get them for motor homes. Learn something new everyday.

jun said...

I had no idea the motor home was so HUGE!
I try to dress nice becuase I dont want people to think women with a little meat on their bones are tacky. But i think its more important to be clean and neat.
i have smelled some ritzy women drowned in perfume and it is horrible. and some men , i see wear expensive suits and no socks and designer cologne but still smell like they need to meet a bath tub very soon.
you already know I wish people were all nudist. ibet more would bathe and nobody could carry concealed weapons .lol

Jean said...

Hi Jack I like the your bra on your motor home, I think if I keep my clothes long enough they will come back in style and some do. I see shoes you can buy now made like some I wore when I was a teen. lol
I hate to say that was a long time ago, take care, jean

Lucy said...

I was born on a farm and never ever went close to a cow pie GROSS, GROSS. Your Bra looks good, oops of course I meant on the motor home. Lucy

Terri said...

You did a wonderful job on the bra on the motorhome!!!

If I do buy name brand clothes you can bet I got an awesome deal on it..I love a bargain.. You know how much Shirl and I love to shop...we aren't about to pay full