Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saw this girl in the Bahamas, she is now my Bahama Mama!
Brought her back to my State room

Okay, so she would not stay, we are out walking on the deck, maybe she will be tired and need a rest back here.
Todays entry................

Beautiful weather in Florida, but then it is supposed to be. We are sometimes called God’s waiting room, since they are so many of us old folk down here. I remember one of the best jokes I heard at a campground near Bradenton, Florida. The ranger said, “I know you folks think there are lot of old folks in Bradenton. You see cars with no drivers, cause the little lady driving is so small you can’t see her head. And it is true. But if you want to see old, drive on down to Sarasota, these folk’s mamas and daddy’s live down there.” LOL

Still talking about our cruise. The destinations did not matter to us. And they really weren’t that great, but who cared. We were there for the civilian ship experience. Not meaning to sound too much like a: been-there-done-that , type of person, it is hard to be impressed by a tourist trap, when you lived in the Caribbean for three and a half years. We also lived in Key West for three more years. We just enjoyed a stateroom and never got to eat that much good, beautiful food, HA!

We never did dive, but we snorkeled for hours on end.
Snorkeling is an experience everyone should have. You see the real beauty of the Caribbean. You see and play with the beautiful tropical fish. It is like swimming in a big aquarium, with unlimited species of fish. But we have done that.

Something I really do not enjoy, is walking in the poverty areas. Knowing that the worst of us in the USA, are wealthy compared to some of these folks. I have learned I cannot fix it, it is too big. I can hand out to every little dirty hand held out, until I am broke, and they will be in the same position tomorrow. I won’t be there and beside I would be broke. So, we give to church missions, hoping that someone will be helped. So I would rather stay aboard ship. Do you think that is like buring your head in the sand?Is that mean? Like most folks, I have given at every port I have ever pulled liberty in. You cannot help it. We are so blessed here in The USA.

Now back to the ship. We were happy to walk the weather decks. WE enjoyed stopping by the theater to catch a movie when a stage show was not in progress. I enjoyed watching the young folk dance on stage, and just knowing I could bend my body like that, if only I were just fifty three years younger. LOL.

It was nice to get a pizza anytime you wanted it, and have fresh fruits with every meal or snack. I love key lime pie and strawberry and cherry cheese cake.
I quit. Thanks for coming this way.

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> -Robert Heinlein
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> fill the world with fools.
> -Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

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> -Mark Twain
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shirl72 said...

Well I am glad you had the cruise now what next.
You have just about done everything. It is time
to stay put for awhile. Does it make you feel
younger being there in Fl. with people older
than you. That's why you go to feel younger.
I just figured that out.


Paula said...

Nice picture of your Bahama Mama.

betty said...

your Bahama Mama is definitely a keeper! I like how you are writing about your cruise; makes me want to go on one some day; sounds like so much fun!

send some of that warm weather our way.......


jun said...

Jack I am enjoying the cruise still. by way of shipslog. lol
Does Sherry know the naughty things you are saying about her? She probably likes you saying that she is your bahama mama. lol That is just cute and romantic .
Right about now you have probably made us all wish we were in florida or somewhere warm.It was in the seventies today but dreary and wet. They are telling us to enjoy it while we can because when the rain goes the cold will arrive. But on the good side gas is down to 1.45 a gallon ! If we really wanted to we could drive to florida and escape the cold winter weather when it gets here.

Lucy said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the cruise. Your wife is definately a keeper and guess what , regardless of the impression I give out, so is my husband. I really think you need some good old fashioned cold snow and then you will really appreciate Fla. I can't believe Betty actually said send some warmth to her, and she lives in Ca.!!! I have a feeling I am just Jealous. Lucy

Jean said...

Hi Jack, I like the pictures and enjoy the stories about your cruise. Maybe just maybe someday I will get invited on one, but it better be soon are I will be to old to enjoy it, lol. Take care, Jean

Terri said...

Love the pic of your Bahama Mama :)
Sorry she didn't wanna stay in your state Maybe next time ;)
I love reading all about the cruise...what a fabulous time you and Sherry had...we only live once...might as well try and do all things we love...with the one we love!
Can't wait to hear about your next adventure..


Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

Love like you and the Bahama Mama had really nice
Well, won't try snorkeling I CAN"T SWIM.(long Story). When you visit places like that you realize how blessed we are doesn't it.

God Bless