Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just as sure as you decide to diet!!!!!

This is Stephen Kings house in Bangor, Maine. Notice the bats on either side of the batwing iron gate. In keeping with his writing.
For you folks that are like me, thought the maple sap was still collected in buckets as the Vermonter walked through the snow. No longer. The is the Top tap of aMaple tree. It flows into that plastic hose to another tree, see the next picture.

The hose keeps going down the mountain from tree to tree, the hose gets larger to accomadate more sap. It is fed into a large container at the base of the mountain. All automatic using gravity. Amazing.

We moved today. Good move. No problems.

Have you ever noticed when you decide to go fishing, the water gets rough. (not always, but many times)

If you decide to diet…. Ever notice how some wise acre will heat up a cinnamon roll! (smells so good!) Or the smell of your favorite will just happen to waif your way.

Decide to put the awnings out on the RV, the wind comes up (no joke).

Ever get caught in traffic, a big traffic jam…. (That’s cool, Being local you know a way around it) SOOO you start around the jam using the back way and find ten thousand others had the same idea!

We walk most every day…..When we carry the cell phones, NO CALLS. When we forget the phones, we come home and see..(MISSED CALL)……. yep!

We know we are not camping. This is more like a mobile Holiday Inn. But many folks still cook outside of their RV’s. I think the only thing they know how to cook is beef. If you are cutting back (dieting), beef cooking on a grill smells soooooo good! Many times I have yelled to them telling that is illegal in this park!!

There is a herd of beautiful beeves bordering this park. Now that I am trying to lose that few pounds and we are out walking along the barbed wire fence, I want to cook one of those critters on a BIG SPIT.

Now to depart from my original thought on this entry, have you ever saw a picture or a movie of something you always wanted. I saw a cowboy movie once where they cooked a whole beef on a spit. For days or hours I don’t know which. I mentioned that to my Bro-in-law once when we were at a convention in Dallas. He took me to a Hotel that had a half beef on a spit and I got to see the chef cut my beef the way I wanted it. I loved it.

SOOOOO tomorrow I am going to rustle a cow and cook it!!!!!

Come on down and we will eat until they take me to jail, where I will be forced to diet!

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A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the
support of Paul.
- George Bernard Shaw
A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which
debt he proposes to pay off with your money.
-G. Gordon Liddy
Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
-James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)
Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people
in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.
-Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University


shirl72 said...

I been trying to loose 5 lbs and every where we
go there will be food and candy. I found some
chocolate sticks that has 60 calories and didn't
take them long to go. Leave the cattle alone.
Go to Market and buy some or better go to a
steak house and order one. Sherry's brother is
doing wonderful and may go home soon.


Paula said...

Oh be careful with that cattle rustling. John had one along with some other ranchers out here. He went to prison but got out early and died from a brain tumor.

shirl72 said...

I have been trying to loose 5lbs. Every where
I go is food and candy. Leave the cattle alone.
Go to the Market and but you steaks or to the
steak house and order one. Sherry's brother
Vernon is doing good at rehab. He has had so
much Company we had to put a sign on the door
to only visit between 6 & 9. Want be long and
he will be going home.


jun said...

I guess i must not have any self control becuase I watch cowboy movies and get jealous when they eat beans out of a can.and that coffee they are cooking over the fire looks like it must taste better than mine too.
other than "The Stand" i do not like stephen king. That boy is seriously disturbed if you ask me!
i bet Vernon did have a bunch of visitors! I dont even know him but if I were there I would visit him too , just to wish him well. So happy to hear that he will be going home soon.

betty said...

just walk a bit more and cut out a little more and you'll be back to where you want to be weight wise in no time :)

glad the move went well


Debbie said...

Nothing like the smell of meat cooking on a grill or pit, makes my mouth water just thinking about it, haha. I'm packing my bags and heading your way, lol. Now if you go to jail I ain't got no bail money to get ya out, haha. The pictures of maple sap being drawn looks interesting, I wasn't sure how that was done. Now you're making me HUNGRY! Oh, this ain't the time of year to be worried about a diet the goodies are just too darn tempting.
I see Shirl has some great news to share about Vernon, that's wonderful! I know that is a relief for you and Sherry since you're unable to be there with him.