Sunday, December 14, 2008


Downtown Nassau, Manual traffic light.
Above is our table.Foreground Tom & Betty (NC Pastor), Background Mike and Brenda

Notice I was the first at the table, the food was good.
Todays entry:

Women are just tough. When he-men are crying about pain, some woman is just marching on. Take the lady from back home who arranged our cruise. This lady works untiringly volunteering her services constantly to better the senior’s lives that attend our church back home. Her name is Dianne. She arranged the cruise about three months ago. Immediately there after finding out her husband would have to undergo surgery. Within three weeks of the arrangements she learned she had breast cancer. Less than four weeks before the cruise she underwent a mastectomy. Yet, there she was, when we boarded the ship. Yes, she was all smiles and as ever, cheerful.

We talked for awhile and we went to our stateroom and I asked Sherry when Dianne was going to have the operation. Oh, that was a couple or three weeks ago! WOMEN, unbelievable comeback ability. Bud, her husband, was unable to make the cruise, so she brought her mother.
· I immediately thought of Christina’s blog. I ran into it on Debbies’ ‘Boondocks, Flapdoodle and beyond’ sidebar. The title is:
· That one always reminds me of Sherry’s sister Colette who had a mastectomy, and was a survivor for many years. A tough little beautiful woman. She was a little thing but a picture of strength and courage.
· Another little woman of courage, Juanita C. She also belongs to the club.
· It is just hard to find men who consistently show the strength and courage of women.
Okay so Women are tough in some things, but what about the things that really counts like:
Weightlifting, Football, Baseball, Arm wrestling and Alligator wrestling. YOU KNOW the big stuff. LOL

In reality we men as a whole could not handle having a baby, thank goodness we don’t have to prove it!! But we are tough just ask us!!

I know, not all women are tough, but give ‘em a challenge. WOW!

So here we are back on land, and I am thinking how much I miss the sea. I think Sherry is re considering living on a sail boat. Yeah she is tough, but I am wearing her down. She knows it will be fun. I think about five or six more cruises, she will be convinced. So if you out there hear of a cheap cruise, let me know.

Thanks for reading this important entry.

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(I typed this entry last night, before I read Woody's entry. The boy is in pain, I am not making light of that, just to clear things up)

TEACHER: Woody, what is the chemical formula for water?


TEACHER: What are you talking about?

WOODY: Yesterday you said it's H to O.
(See us boys are not only tough but smart!)


shirl72 said...

Dianne is one of the nicest people you will ever
meet. She work endlessly for the Seniors at
Church. Her husband Bud is very nice. Sweet,
Sweet couple. I have the report from Dr. T.


Debbie said...

Hey Jack this entry isn't showing up on my dashboard not sure if it is on anyone else's or not.
I've seen this type of strength, courage, hope and faith in my sister. Each time she heard bad news she came out fighting stronger than the last time, she fought to live for her husband, for her daughter. If there was something she was determined to accomplish and someone told her she was too weak, she would say, "Watch me, I've got to do this!" and she did what she sat out to do.
Christina is an amazing woman. She not only fights breast cancer she also has RA. The RA has affected her hands so much it is hard for her to type but she is determined to do so, she has a voice and she wants it to be heard, it should be heard, she speaks for many who walk this journey or will one day walk the journey themselves or beside a loved one. She has been deeply hurt by those who have walked away from her when she needed them the most, friends that she thought loved her until they found she had cancer. It's sad and I thank God my sister's friends didn't walk away from her. I've been unable to leave a comment on Christina's last 2 entries I hope she doesn't think I am one of those who have walked away. She almost didn't make the move to blogger when AOL journals was closing down. I'm thankful she did and told her so.
As for the things that men find important that all changes when they find their spouse has an illness that threatens their lives. I did see the weakness in my brother in law, he worked all the overtime he could get. He and I were talking one day and I told him I knew it was his way of getting away from it, he didn't want to accept that he was losing his wife. He admitted that was true and he told me big men don't cry, my reply, "Oh yes they do!". And he has and now lives with the regret that he thought he had more time to spend with her. He misses her so much she was his life. I think we all live with regrets after losing our loved ones, we find that we have so much we wish we had said to them.
Oh and I think I have a niece who could give most men a run for their money on the BIG stuff. I know she could on the baseball and basketball court, she might be too girly for for the alligator, lol.
Didn't mean to write a book here. Good entry!


jun said...

Some women are tough in different ways. I admire that because i am not .I think men and women were made to complement one another.who knows what i could have done with a good man beside me. but still i wish i were tougher. lol

betty said...

I have to agree that women are tough/fighters with things and don't give up too easily!! I think its because we can't give in with the kids to raise; can't call in sick when there is a little one around so you pick up and make it through your day the best you can and count the hours until dad comes home, etc. But men work hard and fight hard too in their own way; it is a good balance I think!

so glad your friend was there able to enjoy the cruise with her mom :)

I think it would be neat if you/Sherry take to the seas in high adventures; but you'll need to find a way to be able to blog about them :)


Lucy said...

I think women roll with the punches more than men. We have our kids to raise and no matter whart happens they have to be taken care of. That makes you stronger. I was divorced when my brother died and had no one to care for the kids when mom and dad were lost, they depended so much on him. My neighbor stepped in and I could leave the kids with her and be with mom and dad. Had she not, I still would have found a way. I wonder if my kids would be as determined to "be there" when needed by Joe and I. I will never forget skinning and gutting 4 rabbits my neighbor brought me. I had no idea where to start but my kids needed more food.

Paula said...

Just stopping in to say "Hi". I think the cat has my tongue.

Terri said...

Keeping Dianne in my thoughts and prayers...what a trooper...most are who have seems their spirit soars...I remember many times during my aunts cancer journey I would be so down about it..and she would have a smile that would light up the world...even in her darkest days... I miss her so much :(

Christina is a wonderful woman...I love her blog

Hope you all get to go on many more cruises