Monday, December 22, 2008

Fishing for help on RAGS

One of these will be the car driven by the Chief of Police, Mt. Bell, NC
A beautiful 1934 Ford Coupe.
Todays entry..............

According to writers, one of the best sales points for a new book is complimentary statements of the last one. If you have read Sticky, and would like your statement/opinion/ thoughts on ‘Sticky’, to appear in the next book (RAGS), please send it to me in the next few days. You can let me know through a comment on this Blog or e-mail it to me. Also please let me know how much of your info I can use. Name, city, state. If you would like your job or job title used let me know also.
Now for sure folks, I ain’t gonna use it if you say the book stinks. Hahaha!
I want to use Lindie’s and Betty’s from Amazon if they do not mind. You can see their comments at my book on Amazon. A short blurb of 5-20 words is recommended (but not limited to). Folks will not read much longer ‘they’ say.

***** A book called 'RAGS', due out in the spring.*****

EVERYONE KNOWS 'a' RAGS, we have all seen him, he lives in every town and city.
The quiet town of MT. Bell has a new curious citizen (mid 1950’s). He never shaves and his clothes are wrinkled and torn. He has no friends or family that anyone in Mt. Bell knows about. He lives in a wooded area near the Eagle Cotton Mill. The curious adults are John Harris, who is the local chief of police, and his childhood friend David Mark. Four local boys are the most curious: Tuck, Buddy, Sticky and J.Leon, the boys have dubbed the man, Rags. An overnight camping trip to a small island in the Catawba River and a serious swimming accident, make for a lot of excitement in this cotton mill town.
John Harris is a serious Chief of Police, but he has one obvious idiosyncrasy, he does not like your everyday garden variety police car. He drives Betsy, his 1934 Ford at work. Of course Betsy is not your common garden variety ’34, either.
That is Rags due out in the Spring.
NIte Shipslog
Truths about getting old.
* Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.)

**Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.

*** When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there.

**** You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster

******authors note******

I am toying with an idea to start the book. A homey (is that a good word?) down home poem. I do not write poetry. After reading the synopsis above....Do you know of one in the Public domain that fits? Or have you written one you would allow me to use ? (under your name of course)


Anonymous said...

You are writing a new book? I will be standing in line for it! I am about ready to re-read Sticky, as soon as I can get it back from my daughter! Lindie

Lucy said...

When I was falling so often that is exactly what I did, Spunky was laying on the couch and we were eye to eye so we had a conversation. lol Lucy

jun said...

i like it already. good for you, keep it going .
my juni ordered stickyn from amazon. she took it with her to virginia for christmas vacation. i cant wwait until she gets home to hear what she says. she writes for a living and has promised to post a comment when she is finished on amazon. i will have to tell her to keep it short. she read some of my copy and was already loving it.

shirl72 said...

Oh another book. Rags sounds like Billy on the corner. I can just see the police riding around
Mt. Bell stopping speeders doing 30 in a 20 mph Our speed through town is 20 mph. I got stopped
doing 35 in a 25 mph. He gave me a break because I was new in town. HA.


Paula said...

Oh my you are already writing another and I haven't even finished "Sticky" yet. I spend to much time here and with the cows. This next one sounds very interesting too. In my town we had Pachooka Jones. I even have a picture of him sitting on the floor of the Justice Of The Peace office that came out in the san antonio paper. The picture was not for him, he just happened to be there as he always was when something was going on. In John's hometown it was Suitcase Jones. The Joneses get around, huh?

betty said...

Jack; you can go ahead and use my review from Amazon; if you need to shorten my words, I'll give you literary permission (LOL) to do so; go ahead and use my first/last name but geographical area of Southern California

Rags sounds like a great book! put me down for a copy of it when it gets done


Lucy said...

Rags sounds like some one I could really get interested in. Working in a small grocery store in a poor section of town there were many that would have met the image of how I picture rags. Lucy

Debbie said...

It's letting me leave some comments this morning. I have alot of work to do and have to get off the computer right now but I'll try to get back to you later with a good review. Never done one before but I'll try, lol. Oh and my thoughts on the poem would be something along the lines of the lonesome cry of the whippoorwill, just a thought that hit me when I read this.


Debbie said...

Hi Jack,
Here it is, not sure it's what you are looking for and not sure if
I'm satisfied with it but here it is anyway, haha:

Shallow breath as time stood still
Distant calls of the whippoorwill.

Faint the sounds of rustling leaves
Abundant solitude I did seize.

Bittersweet the memories of life once lived
Within this cave my heart be stilled.

Merely a shadow to mortal man
Gazing eyes know not who I am.

Fragments of existence soon to tell
Spring forth this kingdom in which I dwell.

Only a figment of your imagination.

I picked out a few of the words you used in the entries in Rags and
went from there. One thing about it I sure couldn't make a living
writing poetry, hahaha.


PS: I couldn't send it through email so I went back through your archives and looked for this entry.