Friday, December 4, 2009

BIZZY to the end.

It is not funny at all, but it is strange. We have been so busy it has been impossible to do some important things. We lost a sister in law a few weeks back and we were planning to go and pay our respects to the family on our return from Arkansas. This has been the most hectic time we can remember. Trying to get some major repairs to the motor home and unable to find someone qualified to do it and needing major repairs to the tow vehicle, and got most of it done.
Along with watching Mark try to find work out there, and it is almost dried up. Construction loans are dried up so he cannot build; and would be afraid to if he could get the loan. The whole situation is nerve wracking.
There is a catch to self-employment. When there is no work, there are also no unemployment checks for you. So you beat the bushes for small jobs people want done. You bid low because you are competing with many other contractors who are in the same boat, so you earn less.
It sounds like I am singing the blues when I look back on this entry, but I am really not. I am just ‘reporting’ the news. LOL Mark is good at what he does and he will survive. Like many other folks, he would like to win the lottery and solve his problems. LOL

But we have to look at the situation and the economy on a personal basis. We are fortunate. WE have planned, worked and saved for this time in our lives. We have been very fortunate we both have good health. God has blessed us more than anyone else. WE are fortunate and lucky that we can help. Being here has been a challenge and a blessing. WE are now winding down and getting ready to hit the road.

I haven’t told Gary (whom I e-mailed for advice) that I did get the tractor fixed. I had to approach it at a complete different angle but got it done. Fortunately a Yanmar expert was on-line and gave the other approach.
Only mechanics would appreciate this one. The last vehicle I have to fix is a ‘Ford Probe’ I think. I found a blown main fuse and it would not ‘pull’. So I tried pliers. Nada. I broke the ‘box fuse’ but still could not get it out. NOW I find it is held in by a hidden screw, it does not pull. Shucks.
Thanks for coming by the log…
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Paula said...

Yep I guess you two have upkeep just like with a house. I've got my fawcet dripping tonight. Coldest night of the year so far.

Helen said...

I hope thing get better soon so you two can be on your way down the road soon. The economy needs to pick up a lot for several people including your son. We were supposed to get about an inch of snow here but if it does it is still on the way. Not seen any yet. Blue is headed pretty close though on the weather channel. A little would be pretty but a lot would be messy. Like I can order what we may happen to get LOL. Helen

Lucy said...

My son got out of construction when he started having problems with his knees and fortunate that he did and landed a job at Southeast Community college doing carpentry with many other jobs tacked on. He has been there now for a number of years and is so grateful with the economy like it is. I hope your son can find something to get him through. Ron has gone totally into his home body shop and is not even looking and is doing a brisk business so far. Duncan aviation just calls them back and then lays them off after the works done, so he knows what it is like. The best to all your family, Jack. I know you are not singing the blues. Sometimes, not working out of the home and getting older when I write I am sure it is like I am trying to make all feel sorry for me but that is not it. You at least can talk about all the mechanical problems. This is news, Hips doing very well so far today as they are supposed to do.

shirl72 said...

I know you are glad to be leaving the cold weather and headed to Fl. We sure will miss you
but when you got to go you just have to go. We
will keep in touch. Maybe you can take some of
our cold weather with you. I will bundle it up.
Woody is leaving Fl. and said you could take
his space. LOL

betty said...

bet you are "itching" to get where it is warm; hoping this economy turns around sooner than later for us all!


Debbie said...

I'm glad you got the tow vehicle fixed and ready for the road and hope you're able to find someone to fix the problems with the motor home. That's great that you were able to get the tractor fixed before you leave. It's hard to tell someone how to go about fixing something they've never worked on before. I'm glad you found someone online who knew the in's and out's of that type tractor.

People should appreciate their mechanic but most people don't. They don't make anything simple to work on anymore, as a matter of fact vehicles are getting more complicated to work on everyday.

Yeah unless you've been self employed yourself you can't begin to understand what people like Mark are going through. I hope he picks up enough jobs to survive this economy. Back when things were booming you couldn't get anyone to take on the smaller jobs now I'm sure a lot of those people who turned down those little jobs are wishing they had them now.

I'm sure you're getting antsy to hit the road and get to Florida where it's warmer and you can relax and rest for awhile. It's cold here and we have rain, snow or sleet in the forecast, they can't make up their minds which we're gonna get yet. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Love & Hugs