Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Navy style and Undecorating

This may give an idea of a Navy harbor at Christmas time.
Her Majesty's Ships also get into the act.

Destroyers and Cruisers really light up.

It should be as much fun to undecorate as to decorate, but it isn’t. I see beautiful Christmas decorations in pictures from your homes on the net. We drive past extensively decorated homes in each town. I have commented on decorations here in Florida. These towns have absolutely gorgeous decorations. I may find some pictures, but I doubt it. We were coming in late from Savannah a couple nights ago and driving thru Lady Lake, FL, saw their decorated public park, beautiful is the only way it can be described.
As we decorate, it seems we cannot do enough. The Christmas spirit is upon us and we feel light and happy.
The only times I used to think ahead was right after Christmas when I thought to buy the lights to store for next year. Once I was disappointed, it was during a time outside decorations were starting to be big. I bought a ‘load’ of outdoor lights planning to do it up big next year. They were never unwrapped or used. The next year was the energy crisis when everyone was asked to scale back. Bah, humbug. I finally sold them for nothing at a big Yard sale.
If you have never been to a US Naval Base at Christmas, you have missed a Christmas treat. The ships decorate and look beautiful (As above)reflecting in the water. The first time I saw it was when I joined the Navy and was sent to Norfolk three days after Christmas. The base was still decorated. I was amazed and proud to be a part of the USN. I remember the Carrier tied up at pier 12. Never realizing that would soon be my home. I saw a small diesel sub at the ‘D& S’ piers. They had the ‘island’ made up like a chimney with a giant Santa climbing down.

BUT once decorated, it must be ‘un’ decorated. Ours stay up until just after the first. WE are so downsized it only takes a matter of minutes to take down and store in the Ceramic tree. (The other decorations go inside the ceramic tree.) So enjoy the decorations. Put them up so they will be easy to get to. You will be unpacking them sooner than you realize. It is only 362 days ‘til Christmas.
Thanks for coming this way.
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Don't you go outside with your school clothes on!
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Be sure and pour the cream off the top of the milk when you take the stopper out of the bottle.


Paula said...

The Christmas Naval lights are beautiful.

Melanie said...

WOW That must have beed a great sight to see!

Hope you had a great Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

For sure impressive.
To be honest, never knew, that they did do such a thing,thank you for sharing.
Over here Christmas tree still standing, as the kid likes it much as well.
A wonderful bright Tuesday for you all.

shirl72 said...

Well I will start taking mine down tomorrow...
I say every year I am not going to put my tree
up but do it anyway. Easy up and unhappy taking
it down. The Naval Ships are beautiful. Hope
you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR........I am resting.
I am a on time BILL PAYER....


betty said...

neat about how they decorate the Navy ships; must be impressive to see them in person. Took our decorations down yesterday; good to have the house somewhat back to normal but we do have the memories of the delightful season


Fred Alton said...

Wow! Jack, I don't ever remember a Christmas decoration in the USCG. Must be my memory. Surely we "shallow water sailors" did something for Christmas. At this stage in our lives Frances and I have stopped putting up a tree but we have a 4 foot Christmas Angel that lights up with lights. Easy up and easy down! Like Shirl, we were out yesterday paying taxes. I thought this - If we didn't have this nice property we wouldn't have to pay these nice taxes! :D

Lucy said...

Beautiful pictures, Jack. My decorations are half down and the rest will come down today. I can only stand them up for a short while. Spunky loves all the figurines and he picked up a bell and as soon as it rang , you would have thought someone shot him. He dropped that and took off but he is back within a few minutes wanting another.