Monday, December 21, 2009

I Coulda Done That!

Our Family get together At Carol's house in Utah while visiting there. Son Jack up front, Son Mark on left behind Reececup! (Sort of a Coincidence, this is near Christmas, Carol was born on Christmas day, therefore the name Carol. Neat huh?)

Yeah, I coulda done that!

Did you ever know anyone who was brilliant, had a brain that was analytical? They probably tested tops and had very few peers’ brain power wise. Did you ever know any of these folks who flat wasted their lives saying, “I coulda done that?”

Not to be too hard on our eldest son, but he fit in that category. His math ability floored me. He could use the modern math or the old world math. The instance I will always remember was in Key West Florida. He was in high school. He and I went to buy the months groceries. You know how long that tape is with the prices on it. We hadn’t driven but a couple blocks when he said, “Dad this bill is ten cents off!”
“Yeah, Son, a dime.”
“But dad, I’ve added these figures three times (Three times in three blocks! Ha! I thought.) What if they are adding ten cents to everyone’s bill, which could be a lot of money in a year’s time.”
“Yeah, son I’ll check it.”
To humor him I took the bill in to work and went to an adding machine. After an hour of running the figures three times (He had done it in his head in less than five minutes.) He was right.

The store did an audit and sure enough “That Register only” was adding some to the total due to a ‘malfunction’, yeah, maybe.

But the point is the kid was smart. Practically straight A’s until the last qtr of hi school and did not graduate. Refused to go to summer school and go to college. Drugs and drinking were more fun. I don’t think He will mind me telling this, he knows it. He is a late bloomer. He now has a responsible position in management. He has headed a group that pioneered a new office, and set it up now operating in the black. He is using his brain.

He coulda been a successful business owner himself, but he is not. Oh, Proud of him? You bet. But most of all Proud he finally truly met his Lord and is using his brain. WE all know what could have happened. He played with fire, got burned, but not destroyed. Love him? You bet. I know what he COULDA DONE! But I am thrilled with what is doing now.

There is a reason I write this. We buried a friend awhile back who never bloomed. Nick spent his entire life saying what he coulda done, and he could have. But did not. He spent most of his life in the bottle, relating formulas, spewing factual statistics but he was broke and in the gutter, homeless much of the time. Yeah, folks loved the guy.

Jack is finding what it is like to be on the hurting end of this problem. He too, has a son, who is a most talented individual. Jack Jr says his son's talent level is off the charts. We all love him, you cannot help it, he's warm, loving and affectionate. He writes symphonies, concertos, creates music that is unbelievable. He is a fantastic musician and singer, but now in his last year or so of college has begun to experiment with drugs and booze I think, and as most users cannot see any negative affect on his work. The thrill of jamming with his buds for hours instead of focusing on his studies. The sensual satisfaction of the ladies loving the music. Basically making excuses for not attending classes and not completing his studies. That is youthful thinking, but out of the real world.

Yeah, we pray that the youngster will see the light. He is very smart maybe he can look around and come alive with the search for learning again. In his earlier college days he was going to be the first of our family with a Doctorate. His professors said his possibilities were unlimited, one of the best talents in years.

We have already cried. We have and are praying. I just cry inside when I hear from anyone, especially when it is the truth say, “I coulda done that!” It is always said when others are winning awards and being admired. They finish their bottle, strike up a cord hit a few notes and say, “But they can’t do that!” Pity of it is he is right They can’t, and the lost wandering individual will not.

Forgive the long entry; I was just feeling bad for two great guys, our son and his son. God loves them both. The man will probably not read this, but if he does, We love you and want the REAL you back!!!

Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog.
YOU, make it a great day!

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders and Your hand over my mouth! Amen


Lucy said...

Jack and Sherry, as you know I have been there so I know how it hurts. All I can do is keep on loving My son and hoe he will someday do as your son did and see the light. It helps when I get an email from my daughter saying "mom, even if it snows a lot we will get you here for Christmas Eve cause I need to be with my mom this year especially. I never knew how much I needed and loved you>" That is what keeps me going. Got the package and for now they are just my size. Love the group picture.

Helen said...

Your son was really smart. Thank God he came to his senses later in life.
I coulda done things a lot different in my life I suppose but who knows if they would have been better. Helen

shirl72 said...

I hope the other twin will see the light. Jack, Jr. is a good father and level headed. The twins brother may be feeling bad because his twin has graduated and has a good job. The Lord can change because Jack, Jr. saw the light.
The musical field is a hard road and not
rewarding to the public but maybe to the person.


Paula said...

I think we all know someone who coulda and shoulda but didn't. It breaks your heart that you can't get through.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry..yuppers...alot of us have been there...done that....and we cry in the shower alot LOL...and the words...."what if???"..are always on the back burner of our minds...glad you were able to see a loved one come to his senses so to speak...and we will just keep on lovin and prayin...that the son comes around too....personally I think times are hard on our young folk today!!! not making excuses for them...just a gut feeling on my part I guess...I believe that when we accept what is happening...and then move on...half the battle is we rest in Him!!! love and hugs you Florida is 32 here!!! sheesh....bah...humbug

betty said...

just keep praying; God will lead him back and hopefully won't let him fall but stumble (a lot perhaps but maybe that is what he needs to get back to "clean living"). I have a friend whose son just turned 18 and he's out "sowing some wild weeds". His parents are praying that he gets caught quickly with things and realizes the errors of his ways sooner than later. We can only hope that for your grandson. But it is soooooo hard to see them going through these things and wondering why they are choosing these decisions. I can truly relate too with the things going on/gone on in my own son's life

hugs to you both Sherry and Jack; just don't give up and keep on praying


Terri said...

How hard that must've been seeing your son go through that but what a relief that he saw the light...and how hard it must be to see your grandson doing the same...with alot of Faith and Prayers hopefully he too will see the light! I think alot of us in our teens-20's sow some wild oats...and miss out on chances and think coulda done that.. we learn from our mistakes I suppose...hopefully he will and turn his life around for the best ....

Many many prayers being said for your family!

Love ya!
Hugs Terri