Friday, December 18, 2009

We went car shopping.

For us car lovers of the past today's designs takes the art out of the vehicle, the individual beauty that made generations of ‘Ford’ lovers, ‘Chevy’ lovers and Chrysler & Studebaker lovers. Back in the 40’s and 50’s we all couldn’t wait for the new car unveilings. They came into town on trucks covered with canvas. They were unloaded at night. The anticipation was built up. Dealers would offer free hot dogs and drinks. The unveilings were very festive occasions. As a teen ager I remember in Valdese that the 1953 Buick Skylark was unveiled. I was 14 it was a beauty. Below is the '55 Ford, we owned one of these when I was in the USAF.
BUT when the 55 (top picture) & 57 Chevy’s came out I was a DREAMER! I wanted the ’55. Twenty years later I got one. As you can see I ain’t much on NEW cars. LOL.

All boys wanted these 30's cars for hot rods in the 1950's

But everyone, boys, girls, men & women wanted the above the '55 Corvette. & Route 66.

But now we have.... Well, we bought our Christmas present. A brand new 2004 Honda Odyssey built in Alabama.

The first white car we ever owned. I love Black but they are so hard to keep looking clean. White hides a multitude of dirty sins. We think we will like it. It has built in navigation, so now instead of a woman in a box we have one in the dash, for me to argue with.

I normally don’t even drive a car until after I buy it. Yeah, I do ride in it though to see if the noise it too great. This one is pretty quiet. I have found that most cars above a 1990 drive and even look the same. Most Vans look alike, and many cars do. The shapes are normally the same because they are designed then tested in wind tunnels to find out the most aerodynamically shaped vehicle. They all want the least wind resistance to improve gas mileage. Therefore the shapes end up being nearly the same.

The old Odyssey goes to Mark. He is going to make a utility van out of it to carry his tools and park his big truck because of the gas mileage. The economy has put a crimp in his work.
Thanks for coming by the Log.

So for a few days we are a two car family, Sherry & I The old Odyssey has about 200k on it and the new one has 90K. For us it is just broken in. LOL
Nite Shipslog

We all get heavier as we get older,
because there's a lot more information in our skulls.
Every time I start thinking too much about how I look,
I just find a Happy Hour and by the time I leave, I look just fine. (thank you very much Mel)
That is my story and I am sticking to it.


shirl72 said...

The new car looks great. White looks clean all
all the time so did your grey. I loved the 55
T-birds and mustangs. I did have a new 59 two door hardtop Dodge. It was a beauty white with black fins. Drove it for 10 years. Then it was time for Company Cars.

Love from NC

Helen said...

Nice looking cars. I like white the best because it is cooler inside than other colors. That Honda plant in AL is less than an hour from where we live. If we go to Birmingham down hwy 78 instead of getting on interstate I-20 we pass right by it. It sits a good ways off the road.
Those older model cars still look pretty just like us LOL. Helen

Anonymous said...

Always a save road ahead of you two. Please have a wonderful weekend as well.

Paula said...

Oh boy! Look at those white walls. Your new car looks new. Mel used to buy an almost new wrecked car and do the body work, paint it and we would have an almost new car and it looked good for very little money but lots of work into the night. He loved doing it though.

betty said...

love the Odessey!! my sister got a Honda Odessey this past summer (I want to say 2008) and she loves it. I'm sure this will be a great companion for many adventures that you and Sherry take it on.


Lucy said...

Nice car, Jack but like you, I really like the looks of the old cars. Congratulations and hope you have good luck with it. We talk to our 92 Taurus and tell it how good it is, just like we tell Spunky he is a good dog. It has started even on the coldest days and it sits out with no garage.

Rose said...

Nice car! I like white. I also bought a white car...The Mercury Milan.

Hugs, Rose