Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guess what, news, we moved!

Well this is the Motor home as we left today, Sherry is coming back from checking the van out.
I just happened to run across this picture of a little girl that lives in Utah!

WE started our new car’s training today. It done well, being on it’s on. Yeah, it is the first time it was towed. Traveling and coming I contact with a lot of RV’s you see some interesting sights. One guy has on the back of his car as he is towing it down the road “I GO WHERE I AM TOWED”, one says, “I AM A TOAD”, another says, “BE PATIENT, I AM PUSHING A BIG MOTOR HOME”.
So our new vehicle passed the test, except she did not have brake lights, I guess I should fix that. Yeah when we pulled in, she was following right along patiently.

We are set up at a new home. I am thinking about buying a lottery ticket before the weekend. When I win I am going to buy a boat. WE are gonna catch some Specks (Crappies) and enjoy fresh fish. Hope I win!!!

WE pulled in beside a ‘Fiver’, RV talk for a fifth wheel unit. The guy is from Utah. Got his grand sons along and they are playing with a little remote control helicopter. I want one! I was disappointed though. I asked him what he thought about Elsie Mae, he said who? I couldn’t believe it, I asked if he lived under a rock in Utah? I thought everyone in Utah knew Elsie! Shucks she is our Great grand daughter, he will know now. He will probably go visit and take Gold, Frankie’s cents and moths! Least he should.
I was singing away today, “in the song were words about “Some one else’s heart or dream. Something like that. My girl says, you keep Elsie on your mind a lot! Oh well it was funny at the time. But then there are a lot of things that are funny to OLD people, especially when one can’t hear.
There are a lot of you folks snowed in. Hope you are having a good time.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Lucy mentioned something we used to hear, “Close the door, were you born in a barn.” One little boy told his mom he wished he was Jesus just once when she said that.
She asked “Why is that?”
He said, “Just once I want to say: ‘As a matter of fact…..”

Others we don’t hear any more!
There's a dollar in my purse, get 5 gallons of gas when you go to town.
Open the back door and see if we can get a breeze through here, it is getting hot.
You can walk to the store; it won't hurt you to get some exercise.
Don't sit too close to the TV. It is hard on your eyes.
Hey did you ever cross your eyes? What did your mama say?


Helen said...

Your eyes will grow like that LOL. I hope you went where it is warmer. Elsie Mae is cute. Good luck on catching those crappie. My favorite kind of fishing or used to be when we went a lot. Helen

Lucy said...

You can't uncross them. LOL That child is a doll and looks like she is full of vim and vigor. Betcha can't keep up with her.

Jean said...

Don't cross your eyes they will get stuck if you make a ugly face it might freeze and you will look that way, lol. Your little Elsie is a little doll, so pretty. Good luck on winning the lottery. jean

jack69 said...

WEll to make everyone feel better, we have had a blizzard in florida, Mine was a Tropical!!!!! LOL

Mama said, "Keep doing that one day they are going to stay!"
I guess everybodies mama said something like that.

shirl72 said...

One of these days your eyes are going to stay like that. Going to wash your mouth out with soap for saying a bad word.

I bet Elsie Mae is talking. The person doesn't
have any clout are he would have known Elsie.

Paula said...

I've had a hankering to buy a lottery ticket lately. Think there is something in the air? Its going to be a blue moon.Elsie Mae favors Sherry. Aren't you lucky to have them both in your life?

Melanie said...



Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck with the lottery and a wonderful start into the new year as well.

betty said...

Elsie looks adorable! I can't believe she is that old already, where did the time go??

I'm so glad the new van is cooperating with being trained and is obedient to follow behind the motor home, LOL; that was too funny

no snowed in here but it did rain :)


Fred Alton said...

LoL - Jack - you move too fast for me! At least you didn't drive off with the tv antenna still up. :D What a life! You know - there's a 99.9% chance I'll never win the lottery. Why? Cause I never have bought a lottery ticket! I left that .1% there just in case I ever backslide. Keep smiling!