Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ladies should not read: it is embarrassing. LOL

Take that Mel!!!! LOL

I shoulda known this is just like putting a "WET PAINT" sign on the ship when you have to paint. Everyone had to touch it to see. Shucks!

Jack of the shipslog

See you tomorrow!


Helen said...

Since you stated Ladies should not read I am not about to go there. I will just let my imagination take me there LOL. Helen

Paula said...

You knew darn good and well we would go there, didn't you? lol

Jean said...

Just had to peep, lol, jean

Melanie said...

yea that will help Jack...lmaoooo


Melanie said...

how can i post something new now???


Anonymous said...

how interesting.
please have a wonderful friday.
guess it remains one single force and motive that keeps us going...

Lucy said...

Thanks Jack, for the laugh. You knew darn well I would go there.