Friday, December 25, 2009

This is our gone away entry. I am putting it on tonight because tomorrow we take off to Savannah, Ga. We are taking the old Odyssey to Meet Mark and leave t with him. So we will be on the road all day. Savannah is half way down here from home. It will only be a little over 500 miles, but will take us all together about 10-11 hours if we eat with Mark and the family there. Right now no one is sure who is coming to meet us. We are looking forward to seeing them even for just a short time.

This is our new home at Lake Griffin
Me enjoying the fire yesterday.

Looks like we are burning spoons. Nah, but the guy woh makes wooden spoons put his scraps in the wood bin to burn, it is oak so makes a good fire.

My Bride enjoying the fire before her big cook off on Christmas.

I know all you cooks have been known for some particular dish. And some folk many dishes over your life time even though you no longer do them.
Sherry has been famous for: Fried Chicken, Corn bread, German Chocolate Cake, Red Waldorf Cake, fruit salad, pedal bread (remember that), Lasagna, Chicken a la king, salmon patties, disappearing marshmallow brownies , dump cake and especially grilled cheese sandwiches. She was a modern Grandma, the Disappearing brownies and grilled cheese sandwiches are what the grandkids remember most

Now about our Christmas. I woke up to the smell of our Christmas Goose cooking, okay it was not a goose but a big hen. (I have never known anyone who had goose but the Cratchett’s and Lucy). It was always Chicken or turkey with us. So this time it is actually a big hen. Ready for this, today she made dressing, giblet gravy, green beans, corn, fruit salad, lettuce salad and a five pound hen. Sherry had decided to cook the hen in the slow cooker. Its legs stuck up too far. So she took the advice of our oldest son, when in doubt, use duct tape. She put tin foil over the bird and taped the top down over it. Hey it worked. (Melted the glue off the tape onto the cooker, but I knew to use oil on the glue to get it off, so no problem. Since I was the dish washer!) The meal was great. Now we have four of five days of left overs.

This fudge recipe came from the blog Up north with Mel. Delicious!

As you read this entry, if it is on Saturday, we are doing what we like most, traveling. The first half will not be much fun, we will be in different cars, BUT on the way back I get to play with her leg. She always smiles and says, ‘Keep your mind on the road!’
Lately I have learned another phrase to use, “Honey practicing multi tasking!” That should solve the problem shouldn’t it? LOL
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PS: Things mothers don’t say anymore:
Put a dish towel over the cake so the flies won't get on it.
Quit jumping on the floor! I have a cake in the oven and you are going to make it fall if you don't quit!


Paula said...

Dump cake! I haven't made a dump cake in a long time. Next lodge meeting I think I'll take one.

Helen said...

That food sound delicious. Send me a piece of that candy and a brownie please. Naw only kidding. I am a diabetic and I know I would just have to eat them LOL.
Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves. Helen

Lucy said...

I didn't make any fudge this year and since I got 1 box of chocolates AND 3 BOXES OF chocolate covered cherries it is a good thing I didn't. Strange but Joe likes Chocolate covered cherries and I really don't care for them that much. HHMMM, maybe that is why I got so many??? That is good, he can have 2 and I will keep one small one.I bet Sherry is a good cook and it looks like iot from your picture with the fork poised and a big smile. Take care. My memory is vague but Goose is really good if you like dark meat and I do. We have SNOW AND MO0RE SNOW But I think it is quiet right now.

Lucy said...

Have a food trip and be safe. Food looks so good. She still makes it Christmas any where you are when CHRISTMAS COMES.

~mel said...
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~mel said...

Oh my goodness! You burnt the spoons!! I had to chuckle out loud when I read "I get to play with her leg". Multi tasking is a skill that should be practiced to make perfect. lol Enjoy your Christmas! I have to admit.. I'm a bit jealous seeing you sitting by the fire in short sleeved shirts. My fire pit is under 2 feet of fresh snow ~ and the way the flakes are coming down it'll probably be under 3 feet of snow by tonight. One of these days though... we'll shovel it out and make a big bonfire and have a chili cookout. Happy travels!!

oops on the delete ...
I wanted to add.... thanks for the compliment on my fudge recipe... smile

Anonymous said...

I love the photos!!! Aw geez guys, your fire is better than mine, lol!!! Wonderful to hear about the slow cooker tip, although the image is a little eek!-ey for me, lol. Have a safe drive!

Fred Alton said...

Have a safe and enjoyable journey!

shirl72 said...

The food looks good.. I will be on a diet for
awhile with all the food I put in this body.
We can say good food was had by all......Have
a safe trip to Savannah a very interesting place. Hope Mark and whoever has a safe trip.


betty said...

I never heard of pedal bread but if Sherry is famous for it, it must be delicious!

what a scrumptious feast you had for Christmas too!

hope you had safe travels to Savannah


jadarnel27 said...

Disappearing marshmallow brownies! Brit just made a batch of those for Christmas, they were wonderful :)
Have a good drive to Georgia, love you!

Terri said...

Sooo glad ya'll had a wonderful Christmas...what a made a feast as well...what would we do without such wonderful cooks? I could learn a thing or two from my mama..LOL

Jealous of the firepit and shortsleeves as well..fri and sat the high here is only suppose to be 26 & 22 with lows of 11 and 18...BRRR!

Have a safe trip to Savannah!
Love ya!