Sunday, December 13, 2009

A great Sunday

I know yu are not going to believe this, but just an hour ago my Sweet Sherry said, “Would you please turn on the Air Conditioner?” Of course my suggestion was she had on tooooo many clothes and should remove some. LOL
But of course I turned on the A/C.
It has been an absolutely beautiful day here in central Florida. The reason the place was so hot we were gone all day and everything was closed up. It is Evelyn’s Birthday, we sang to her earlier. HAPPY Birthday EVELYN!
We drove over to Eustis for Church this morning since one of our favorite people was preaching. He did a great job, and I understood most of what he said. He pulled a surprise on us and promoted the latest book, and we sold several copies in the parking lot. Many for Christmas Presents.
OH yeah and we bought another GPS. (Yeah, Paula a girl a the box).
This one is a Garman with a little larger screen. Haven’t tried it yet. Boy we went crazy bought tennis shoes (I guess that is not correct any more, they were listed as walking shoes.) I think that is okay because I have worn Tennis Shoes all my life and never played Tennis. LOL.

We took a bucket of Chicken to Pastor-CZZZZZZZ house and we all chowed down on chicken. Sister C made coffee and served a delicious Fruitcake and coffee. We enjoyed the visit, but we had to leave. The Bishop is much older than I (73) and needs his rest; we knew he needed a nap. Hahahahaha! Or was it me who needed to get home and nap?)
All in all a great day here and the weather was truly Florida, Balmy and nice! We love it.
Thanks for coming by the log. And thanks to you guys who have ordered the book.
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Message of the Day

Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad,
is a full minute of happiness you'll never get back.

I came back to the blog, to let youknow I am unable to comment the signal is fluctuating of something.
Sonya..Hope the teen well's up soon.
Lucy.. Sorry about the cold weather, but you can think of something to get Ole Joe for Christmas, you ain't that old. The gift never get old.
paula... hang in there will get to comment one day!


Melanie said...

delicious fruitcake???? isn't that an example of an oxymoron???? just kidding I had one piece of fruitcake that wasn't to
have a great night Jackand Sherry


Anonymous said...

Allow me to thank you especially for your 'message of the day', as I heard so much of such minutes today.
Over here it's still warmer outside, than it's inside of a fridge, hence not cold for me.
Hopefully your new GPS works well,let me know if I can be of any help, when there will be strange German written text.
Please have you all a wonderful new week.

Woody said...

Glad you made it down safe and sound, it finally quit snowing somewhere around the 4 foot mark, it's 30 and cold out!!!!! We made sure we brought home Navel Oranges, lemons and Tangerines, just just 4 1/2 months till "spring"!!

betty said...

running the AC in December! that is awesome! glad the weather is very pleasant down your way; have fun with the new GPS! hoping it leads you to where you want to go.


shirl72 said...

Rub it in about the hot weather. It is cold and
raining. Glad you got to be with the Carter's.
Remember your sister is about that age, and that
is not old I don't takes naps. LOL Our 92 year old friend still going strong is speaking somewhere tonight.