Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yep, Florida, fresh Citrus

WE are enjoying this weather. It has been overcast, but when you go out, YOU KNOW you are in FLORIDA! Today we bought over a half bushel of Navals and grapefruit. IT is so good to get fresh citrus off the tree.
Yesterday we had lunch with our good friends and ex-pastor The right Rev. Wayne Carter and his lovely wife Juanita. WE spent a couple hours just catching up on their family. Of course they are just thrilled to have a son playing for UK BB. They got to watch on the a game on the computer a couple nights ago.
WE took a trip today toward Ocala to walk around a Flea Mkt. Bought a couple things we have been planning o get. I love yard sales and flea mkts, it is some kind of twist in my brain, I think.
Our RV park is not filled of course, we are the early Snow Birds. I received a good comment from our Grand daughter who read the new book ‘Why Not Forever?” She liked it.
Take care, I am tired I think I will turn into a pumpkin or something.
Thanks for coming by,
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betty said...

glad you both got to Florida safe and sound, Sherry and Jack! interesting that you are one of the first snow birds that arrived; I would have thought most would want to get out of 'Dodge' by the first part of December.

enjoy the weather (and the citrus fruit :)


Helen said...

That fruit sounds delicious. Like the first commenter I would have thought others would already be there. Maybe they are waiting until after they spend Christmas with their families. Helen

Lucy said...

Congratulations on arriving in Fla. I still say I still envy you. It has got to warm up a little more. Almost made it above freezing yesterday but just could not do it. Enjoy that fruit.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the warmth from here! I know what you mean about fresh fruit off the just tastes better doesn't it? I'm glad you made it safe and sound and your park isn't too crowded yet! :)

Debbie said...

I'm glad you guys made it to Florida without any more problems. Hopefully you & Sherry can get a little rest and relaxation now. The fresh fruit sounds delicious and it makes my mouth water just thinking about those juicy oranges.

Love & Hugs

shirl72 said...

Well I know you are enjoying being back in Fl.
eating the fresh fruit and seeing all your friends. We had rain and it is cold. I don't
mind the cold weather don't want to have to stay out in it to long. We are already planning Christmas Dinner HA HA.


Melanie said...

~~~~sigh~~~~~~~ fresh citrus.......