Monday, December 7, 2009

She left me, I am alone! plus the new books came in.

Well it finally happened. I am home alone. Honest. Then my son comes out to say If I want to I can eat with them. I am going to try to get out there.
Funny part of the whole thing is I just received the first shipment of the book, “Why Not Forever?” Then she leaves me. She even proofed the book and said amen to all my great marriage and sex advice! Where did I go wrong??????
She took the car (the one with no brakes) the statement was, “I am going to the Climax reunion!”
So she went. I think she will come back, I have the check book and debit cards!!!!! LOL
She was born on the Climax Mill Hill. They are having their reunion tonight. I am not from the Climax, I did date a girl from there once though. Sweet lady, Margaret, she will be there tonight. Maybe that is why she did not invite me. Oh, She did invite me, I forgot. But I did not go because it is terribly noisy.
So for the first time in many moons I am alone. This seldom happens.
I’ll bet she is aboard this Motor home when it heads South, she dislikes the cold more than I. We are going to work this little separation out, it may take time (maybe a minute or so), but we will do it.
Hope you guys are have a great time and getting ready for Christmas. I am ready.
Take care Enjoy the Christmas season; it is the greatest time of the year.
Thanks for coming this way
Nite Shipslog
If you received some notices from Shirl’s blog, but no entries. It was me! I was explaining that nothing I was doing was going on the net. (ain’t that what the politicians do, screw up and put their sins on public devices). I was explaining some things to her. Boy was I surprised when the nude pictures of her dog made it to the BLOG. LOL I deleted them as soon as possible


shirl72 said...

I have tried three times to comment and it has
left the screen. It is between Mark's and Ann
Drive. I will try one more time. The nude pictures was of my neighbor's dog Clover. She
is upset and walking her frustrations off with her owner. I will give her a treat upon her return and maybe she will forgive. Boy can we
make up good stories.

You are right that reunion is loud can't even hear youself think. They always want me to come and sing. I did it about two times, but no more.


Debbie said...

Cute entry Jack! That's funny she left you for a "Climax" reunion, hahaha.

I'm glad your books came in because I'm sure you're getting antsy to hit the road. I'm not sure if media mail prices are going up but I noticed a few days ago that the price of shipping packages USPS is going up on Jan. 4th.

I guess you did a good job of covering up your screw up's on Shirl's blog because nothing from Shirl's blog showed up on my dashboard or the google reader. This ought to be interesting if you're teaching Shirl to add nude photo's to her blog, hahaha.

Love & Hugs

Paula said...

Well you old tight wad why didn't you let Sherry take the check book?

betty said...

LOL; Sherry would never leave you!! but that occasional time away from each other is good for the relationship (or so they say)


Lucy said...

Well Jack, you just got a taste of what it would be like if she were gone for good. Now appreciate it even more that you are a loving couple. We are supposed to have a blizzard shaping up and I am keeping my fingers crossed we miss it.

Lucy said...

Jack, if you have tome go to my blog and see how lucky you will be to be in Fla. Just do not let an alligator get you.

Jean said...

I would guess by now you are in Florida are on your way, good luck while traveling, jean