Thursday, December 10, 2009


I forgot to mention before we got stuck the morning we left Belmont, Mark started cooking breakfast for us, Sherry jumped in to scramble some eggs.

Now for today: We left Yemassee early and crossed over into Georgia! (part of the sign, we always sing with Ray Charles, Georgia on my Mind.
Into the 'Flying J' to fill up behind the other snow birds who are headed South to avoid the COLD.

Then the Orange Juice state. FLORIDA.

WE drove down US301, it is famous for the 'speed trap towns of Lawty, Stark and Waldo'. This is the speed trap sign for Waldo there is one like it just outside Lawty. Warning the new travelers that these towns to give TICKETS on a regular basis. I personally have no kick here. There are many signs that say, 'Speed limits STRICTLY ENFORCED!' And they are. I saw an interview on Nat'l TV with the chief of Waldo. He made not excuse saying," WE enforce the law. WE have a low auto and pedestrian accident rate. Our children are safe walking home from school." His salary and that of the deputies is paid mostly from speeding tickets.

Yep, we made it here! Home for the winter the Wildwood Florida area.

Thanks for coming with us to Florida. The ride was great the weather here now is a freezing 65, tomorrow 60's but Saturday 78, YEEEAH!
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shirl72 said...

I know you are happy to be in Fl. Glad you made
it there in one piece. It will be 22 tonight. I unhooked the hose on 706 and put a cover over the faucet there and 704. Well I don't mind the cold I weather it OK. I forgot to say glad
you finally got to see Sticky. Don't get sunburned.


Melanie said...

it's 6 degree's here in Wisconsin tonight come on up!!


Woody said...

Well, glad you made it down, we are sorry we left! It is SNOWING, Windy an Blowing and White outs, temp is 27 and we have lots and lots of snow coming down, it's going to snow until Saturday!!
There is a "No Travel Advisory" posted by the Sheriff's Departmant and you can't see anything outside the window with the wind and blowing snow, Yes, I now about the "speed traps" in Waldo and Stark, been thru there very slowly!!
Glad ya made it there!!

Right now I am going to have one of them big Navel Oranges I brought home with me! You 2 enjoy yourselves!!

Paula said...

Glad to see you already have the good old US flag flying proudly.

Sheila Y said...

I'm glad you and Sherry made it safe and sound. Enjoy that warm weather while you can...Take care, Sheila

Helen said...

Glad that you two made it safely. Now to enjoy that warmer weather and maybe get in a little fishing. Love that campsite. Helen

Lucy said...

You will never hear this again from me cause I hope there will not be another blizzard in the rest of my life time, BUT I ENVY YOU, the warm temps. Glad you 2 made it safe and sound.

Sherry said...

Hi..... my name is Sherry also, oh and by the way, I love the way you love your Sherry.. we all hope for that special someone who we will still feel and grow to love more each day... (hi Sherry LOLOL....) ok back to the reason I am commenting, I live in Baldwin, Fl. 20 miles from Lawtey on 301... believe it or not they are not as bad as they were in the past, the speed limit is 45 now ... it use to be mom lives in Starke so I go there quiet a few times a week... love Sherry and you blog... weather wise is cold now here in North Fl. The low tonight is 30's so we will keep warm and my sister lives near Wildwood, she was home last week and it got in the 40's and she thougth she was in the COLD north not Fl. There is such a difference in north and south Fl, so yall enjoy the 60's. By the way I find myself looking for yall on the roads this way since yall travel back and forth all the time. Love you good people, Sherry

Terri said...

So glad you made it to Florida safe....enjoy those cozy temps...I am jealous :)

Love ya'll!
Hugs Terri

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! That sounds so nice! I think I'm evolving into a snowbird myself, lol! And I have to say that I love the fact that those towns enforce the speed limits...I wish they would take it more seriously here!