Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It is either scripture or prose that says: “What I feared has come upon me.”

Last night we had constant rain. The weather man said at least an inch would fall, and it did, plus some. This morning when we started to back out of the parking spot, this behemoth sunk into the mud. The front wheels sunk about six to eight inches, and we were STUCK. Mark and his right hand man Derrick offered to help but I assured them Sherry & I could get this sucker out. They needed to get back to work. We kept on moving it a little back and forth to put more timber under the front wheels, but nothing was helping. My answer, the Yanmar tractor. I brought it around and hooked to the back of the coach. We move it a couple feet then it stalled again. This sucker has four wheels on the rear, both spinning trying to get the front unstuck. After trying to get the other tractor started and running I gave up, it was too wet. Back to the Yanmar and I collected plywood from the scrap pile. WE got the plywood under the wheels and along with some carpet and gravel we got it to move. Sherry driving the motor home and I the tractor.

During this stay I have ruined my shoes. I have a fair pair of shoes that I had cleaned up to wear on the trip today. We both need new shoes and plan to shop soon. I looked and my sweet wife had MY shoes on. Muddy and wet, MY SHOES not hers, so we came down the road laughing and happy that we were unstuck.

Then we noticed we were bouncing terribly. This unit was bouncing up and down over every little fault in the pavement. As we made one turn, there was a loud crash, Wham! We did not know what had happened. Sherry thought ‘a blow out’, I thought maybe we had been hit by a car. I stopped, Sherry headed back inside the coach, I went outside. Nobody had hit us, all was well with the tow vehicle. Then I noticed the front of the coach was real low. Ah ha! Thanks to a mechanic friend of our, Hank, I knew why we were bouncing so much, the Air ride is out of adjustment. I grabbed out outside rug, slid under the coach, sure enough, the Air ride control had been dragged loose when the tires sunk. I reattached that and went inside.
The noise? The pantry door had come open and all the pantry shelves had followed to their stops causing a loud Wham. Throwing our five pound bag of grits out and it burst. Sherry cleaned up the grits, us southerners can’t live without grits. All is well.
WE are in Yemassee, SC over night.

Nite Shipslog
Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so...Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.


Helen said...

What a day you two had, wasn't Friday the 13th either. LOL on Sherry having on your shoes. Maybe she didn't want all that mud on hers. I bet it took a long time to get all those grits up. Have a more safe trip on down to FL. Helen

Terri said...

hehe...Sherry is one smart cookie wearing your shoes, not hers...sounds like something I would do :)

Glad ya'll got your home on the road ...Have a safe trip!

Love & Hugs

Debbie said...

Sounds like ya'll had a heck of a time today. It would have been nice if someone around close had had a heavy duty wench to pull the motorhome out of the mud. I'm glad you & Sherry are finally on the road and could find something to laugh about, I'd probably have been cussing after all those problems, lol. I hope you have smoother travels tomorrow.

Love & Hugs

Paula said...

You two sure took that little spill in stride. I would have been nervous, mad, upset, and worried.

Bookncoffee said...

Wow what a day. Hope it came in just threes and got better from there (ruined shoes, getting stuck, and the grits strown about). I want snow, see if you can send it. lol. I want to be snowed in for two days at least.

shirl72 said...

No wonder Sherry was laughing when I called to
ask if you were on the road. Glad it was not
any worse. Should have been over in my park.
Hind sight is 20/20 don't you just love it.


betty said...

Job said that comment you made about what you feared. Wow, what an adventure you had! glad you are on the road (again)


Rose said...

Oh my........that was quite an experience.....glad both of you are o.k. and back on the road.

Stay safe my friends.

Hugs, Rose

Sheila Y said...

See that is what happens when you are too cheap to stay at Shirl's RV park. I wouldn't be surprised if she had something to do with it...ha. About the shoes, I went to the dry cleaners and Target one day this week and when I got home and pulled off my sneakers I realized they were my husbands...ha. Either I have big feet or he has small feet, I'm going with the latter...(he wears 8's, I wear 9 1/2's). Take care and be safe, Sheila

Anonymous said...

...further education for me!!! Too bad about the grits! :)