Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mark's birthday and The illusive Sticky!

Our last full day in North Carolina, we hope. It started off great. Sherry suggested we just go to Bojangles and have breakfast. While we sat there lo and behold who walks in but Sticky. Now i know it is hard to believe I haven't seen Sticky since before I published the book 'Sticky'. I met him with a big hug, he said, "Man you made a celebrity out of me!"
I said, "Man youwere a celebrity long before I wrote the book." He grabbed his link sausage biscuit and tea and came over to sit with us. Sherry had never met Sticky. We had the best conversation. Stick is a very conversive man. Always a smile, even in this picture, he is missing the big smile, but that pleasant look is always there. Thye economy is bad for him also, the worst in 40years. He related a quick story from yesterday. He was in one of the larger local business and he said the owner called him aside, "Could you come into my office Sticky?"
Inside he asked,"How do you stay to jovial, I know business is bad, but you always have a smile. How do you do it?"
Stick said, "I told him I found out a long time ago if I smile the world smiles, If I frown, it frowns. I LIKE SMILES!"
We said good bye with a promise he would not be so illusive and he would introduce me to his sweet wife, Josephine, the nest time we were in town.

Now below, you see MJ, She is waiting patiently for Sherry to finish Mark's Birthday dinner.

I am sorry, Sherry had a beautiful layout. Mac/cheese, green beans, Mashed potatoes & gravy, fried chicken, salad and this is the only picture I got, the left overs.

She made a Red Waldorf (sheet) cake, Mark's favorite. He is 48 this month.

Mark left with Reececup.

L. Vegas and our Reececup.

The guest of honor, Mark DAvid soon to be 48, Sherry's baby.

The old man on Pots and Pans in the GAlley.

Matt Dillon watching (something)

Brandon and Derrick, something is funny on TV.

L. Vegas relaxing.

We all had a great day and some good family time.
Nite Shipslog
PS: We are getting a heavy downpour. This motor home is not in a great place to pull out of. Hoping that when she starts to back up she does not slide and force me to hook a tractor to her to assist her in backing out. Will let you know tomorrow.


Sheila Y said...

Thanks for sharing a picture of Sticky with us, we feel like we know him too. I wish you and Sherry a safe trip to Florida...but be warned it may snow there...Sheila
PS. Shirl was complaining about the cheapskate that wouldn't stay at her RV park this time...ha.

Lucy said...

Jack I have to say this, You are lucky you are not in Ne. It is .02 above zero here and the wind is howling, snow has stopped but my grandsons were over twice yesterdaY AND OUR SIDEWALKS ARE PRETTY FULL. Connie and Mike have to be at the oncologists at 9 this morning for another chemo. Have a safe trip.

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of Sticky, I'm glad you & Sherry got to see him while you were home, and as Sheila said, anyone who read your book feels like they know Sticky too.

I hope you don't have any problems getting the motorhome out of it's spot. I also hope you & Sherry have a safe trip to Florida and have nice weather to travel in.

Happy Birthday to Mark this month! Sherry's meal sounds delicious and that plate of leftover fried chicken & biscuits is making me hungry just looking at it. I've never heard of Red Woldorf cake but it looks yummy! That's sweet of you to help wash the dirty dishes.

Love & Hugs

betty said...

Happy birthday to Mark when he turns 48! what a great birthday spread Sherry made! looked delicious (even the leftovers!)

hope you are on the road traveling by now

thanks for letting us see Sticky; I love his advice about smiles; I'm going to remember that for sure!


Terri said...

So nice to see a pic of Sticky...almost as if we know him too! Glad you got to spend a little time with him :)

MJ is too cute!

Happy Birthday to Mark...the meal Sherry cooked sounds so yummy!

Love ya'll
Hugs Terri