Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I just think I am sick!!!!

Don’t ever brag about your health, sure enough some bug will bite you on the butt. I am sitting here with a runny nose and suppressed sneezing and a little sore throat.
I do not know how familiar you are with religions, but there is a category of people in the world who say a true believer is never sick. If you think you are about to become sick, just do not accept it. DO NOT CLAIM IT!

Well I tried not to claim it, but $hi- here it is! I always am reminded of a joke my dad used to tell. He had two. One on modern art and the other on health. The one on modern art is about a boy and his mother in an art Gallery looking at the beautiful paintings when the son asks, “Mother, what is that a picture of?”
“Son, that is supposed to be a man on a horse.”
The boys confused reply was, “Then why isn’t it?”

Okay so it is old, Dad has been gone many years now. But the other on health went sort like this:
Little boy running into his house excdited yelling, “Daddy, Daddy!”
“Yes Son why all the excitement?”
“Dad, you know that woman down the street that is sick a lot?”
“Whoa, wait a minute, you mean the woman down the street that thinks she is sick a lot!”
“Yeah, yeah that one, well she thinks she is dead now, they are backing a hearse up to her door.”

So here I sit, thinking I am sick, when I am really not!!!! If I just convince my nose of that!!!
Have a great life without sickness, just do not claim it. It works (almost) every time!
Thanks for coming this way, I will do better when I quit thinking I am sick.
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Lucy said...

Jack, don't you know , it is Fla. that is the problem. Come to Ne. and you will scare it away. Yippee I just heard the weatherman say it may be 9 above tomorrow morning. Now doesn't that news make you feel better. Seriously, take care and do not give it to Sherry, the cold, Jack.

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes for you and a wonderful Wednesday too.

Helen said...

That stuff has been going around here. I hope it doesn't get into your chest. My daughter has been coughing about 6 weeks. My son and DIL were sick that long also. Sending up prayers that this will pass without you getting really sick. Woe is Sherry if you do. Helen

Paula said...

I've thought I was sick before. So glad you straightened that out.

betty said...

do rest up, drink plenty of fluids, and lots of vitamin C just in case you are sick :)


Rose said...

You need to buy a Neti Pot at Walgreens. Buy one that has a cover to it. Follow the directions. It works great.

Feel Better.

Hugs, Rose