Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daddy said that:

My Dad was from a farm in North Georgia where folks eked out a living from the ground. He never forgot that the members of his congregation ‘worked’ for a living. He was not one to ‘drag’ a church service. Start on time, these folks have to get up and go to work, I heard that a lot.

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(Dad was proud of the yard decorations, our brother Jr. made and sold those for many years)

Things my Dad said:

“Remember to keep your words soft and sweet, because one day you might have to eat them.”

“Nobody can tell me rocks don’t grow. We cleared the same fields of rocks every year; there are plenty of rock walls to prove it.”

“Grandpa was drinking too much and wrecked the wagon. The jug fell just out of his reach, going ‘glug, glug, glug’. Someone heard him say, ‘Yeah, I know you are good, I jest can’t reach you.’”

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(Me, dad, mom & Shirl at grandma Darnell’s grave)

“If a man is really educated, he won’t have to tell you.”

“In a church, as well as business, you can accomplish much, if you don’t care who takes the credit.”


“When I was 16, I took the wagon and five of my brothers to Toccoa. A man at the general store said, ‘Well folks here’s them mean Darnell boys’. I couldn’t hold Parker, so I had to join him. The youngest held the team and the rest of us gave the guy a pretty good whipping. I had to tell daddy when we got back to the farm. He asked how old the man was. I told him he was probably pretty old, maybe thirty or so, but we could have whipped him if he had been sixty.” (Daddy would tell that and laugh!)


“I had a smart hound; one day daddy asked if Roscoe could do any tricks. He said, I told Roscoe to roll-over (Roscoe ran under the bed). Daddy said, ‘I stuck out my chest and said, or run under the bed’.


My daddy loved to laugh. Sometimes he would actually give in and fall over laughing on rare occasions. One of those times was at Uncle Oscar’s upholstery shop. That would have been about 1943. Dad stopped by to ‘jaw a little’, Oscar’s helper was saying, ‘Man I gotta go out back, I’m about to pee my pants.’

Oscar said, “We gotta finish stretching this fabric!” It took a few minutes.

When they were thru, the man looked around at Oscar and said, “Now what was I gonna do?” Oscar said daddy lost it. On the floor in a white suit doubled up laughing. That was daddy.


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(Daddy pretending to fish in our front yard, mama cheering him on as always)

Thanks for coming this way.

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I wonder if cops ever get mad at the fact that everyone they drive behind obeys the speed limit.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good you have some great memories of your Dad. To be able to have a good sense of humor is a blessing for sure. Laugh and the world laughs with you they say!

Jean said...

What great memories of your dad I always enjoyed being with people that had a good sense of humor.
I hope you are staying warm down in sunny Florida, lol. Take care, Jean

Lucy said...

Is your new blanket electric? Nothing like it with dual controls. I would not wish our weather on any one. It is nice to have good memories. When I wrote my life story on my now retired Day to Day blog I dredged up memories that were good.

Fred Alton said...

What a sight that must have been, with your Dad in the white "preaching suit", rolling on the floor and laughing. Your Dad was not the type of old time preacher cast in the movies, always somber, always strict, and a little off balance. Why don't someone make a movie showing the sane side of preachers for a change. Sorry - but my Dad was one of those who would "wait on the other folks to get here". It would always be 15 to 30 minutes after the announced starting time before we actually started! ha. I learned from Earl P. Paul, Sr. to start on time. He would stand in the pulpit with hand raised and watch the second hand sweep across 12:00 o'clock - then drop his hand - signaling the musicians to begin right on time! I liked that. Now on the humor, Dad loved to have fun. He would have everyone in stitches with his quick wit. I believe I would have enjoyed having B.F. Darnell as my pastor.

Anonymous said...

difficult to find words. how proud you must be. may love negate time and distance.

please have you all a good friday.

Paula said...

Love to be around people who laugh and make me laugh.

Dar said...

My Daddy had the greatest sense of humor too...always happy no matter what. Oh, maybe a time or two the bunch of us would misbehave and get him stirred, but it was Mom who always settled us. Both of them just seemed to have a way about them, a kind way, with lots of laughter in a houseful of young ones...9 of us is a mess to laugh about. I never had the honor of knowing your Daddy, but, I love him Jack.