Thursday, March 31, 2011

Advertisements and Blogs


43 pages out of 80. Ever get tired of commercials? Do you sometimes say I would buy that product, just because they aggravate me with commercials? I just picked up a US News And World Report magazine. It is a total of 80 pages and 43 are advertisements. (As you can see I have a lot to do! LOL)


Radio and TV used to have a limit of the amount of time taken for ads. On the hour and half hour. Then it went to every 15 minutes with the hour and half hour being the longest. I very very seldom watch TV, now it seems that ther is three minutes of commercials and two minutes of program or entertainment. That is an exaggeration of facts, but I said it seems that way.


I think I get upset more at prescription drugs being advertised, then they say ask your doctor. I had a friend tell me the other day that several time he has done that with his doctor and the doctor said, ‘okay, if you think it will help!’

What? We prescribe for ourselves now a days?


I have enjoyed your many blogs lately. Some of the food made me mad, but otherwise the pictures and descriptions looked and sounded delicious. We have talented hobbyists on here also. Sewing folk, seamstress, artists, wood burners and tinkerers. We have folks who can grow anything, and some of us who can just about kill Ivy.


Oh the folks in the North Wood are making maple syrup. And the gardeners are starting. Photographers Helen and Robert. Robert will make you think, and try to come up with a reasonable sounding comment, haha! I miss Blue lately.


Anyway You guys have some interesting stuff. There is one lady who reads this blog who is a great kisser, I miss it, and will be glad when the cold bug is gone.


Thanks for coming by the log…

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> Opportunity may knock once,
> But temptation bangs on the front door forever.
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Some of us saw these deliveries, not everybody had their own cow!


betty said...

hope Sherry feels better soon!! I often wish they would just put the commercials at the front, middle or end of the show for 15 minutes and get them over with though I know that wouldn't work. Right when you finally get settled into the show and know what is going on, they break to a commercial and then you have to start all over again (that is usually because hubby channel shops/hops at commercial breaks; I'll look over and we were watching something in outer space and then I'll hear dialog from a western, not realizing he changed the channel; I never know where we are at, LOL, so if there were less commercials, perhaps he wouldn't channel hop :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed the milk trucks in your pictures today. I had one come to my house for years when the babes were growing up. With 7 children in the house we went through a lot of milk and he'd have bread, eggs and ice cream etc on the truck too. I could make out a list and save myself a trip to the store. He was a lifesaver for me many times over. Hope that cold leaves you soon. It's been around long enough. Have a great Friday!

Fred Alton said...

Thanks to Betty, I now have a good excuse for the channel-hopping that I do. Next time she complains I'll tell Frances to have those commercials delayed! ☻

I remember those milk truck - in the days of the glass bottle with a cardboard insert for a top. A quart would be just enough for my cereal in those days - so we got ours by the gallon (there were three growing boys in our house) and picked it up ourselves at the dairy. Loved seeing the pictures of those old trucks. Hope you and Sherry get over that cold&flu bug soon.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely pictures Jack ~ my old Mother in Law used to have a milkman visit every other day he would bring a Milk Churn into her kitchen and would ladle it into a big Jug ~ such lovely days ~ Ally x

shirl72 said...

I remember milk being delivered. Yes I am
that old. I dont' like the car commercials. They
are on all the time. I wonder who pays the bill.
Car Insurance commercials are terrible. I
always wonder who is sitting at a desk and
thinking up these silly things. Well hope it
is getting warmer and Johnny getting better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry and Jack...hope those cold germs get frozen...or caught up in a strong wind and go sailing down the river!!! other than a drippy nose now and then specially now with the grass growing and the budding trees...this too shall pass....thank goodness for sudefed!!! LOL..and I so enjoy the pics of different things...some I remember...some I don't and hugs from Ora in KY...yes...ahd Him too

Amelia said...

Ugh, I know what you mean about advertisements!


Ken Riches said...

Sometimes the adds are very frustrating. Especially the medications. I think they should be banned from TV and magazines.