Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cuba is saving our vintage cars, and Johnny

I would love to have one of these treasures to work with.

While we were stationed in Gitmo I saw many old classics. I owned two of them, 1950 chevy's. I once said if they ever open Cuba to American car collectors there will be so many GEMS waiting. These are all cars of Cuba. Some are dead, but many are alive and well.

As you all know we are in motor city with Sherry's little brother Johnny. He is actually doing better. Last night a lady Dr. reinstalled a feeding tube. The first one had become dislodged because the stomach receded from the Abdominal wall.
But like a good person, doctor and a lady, she just sewed them to together.
Gotta go.
I'm back for a minute.

William and Brenda left just a little while ago. Leaving us their room in the motel so we took advantage of another shower to save water and storage in the motor home. All is well and we are making it fine as far as the MH goes.

Sherry says the Dr. is even encouraged with John's condition, however they have not changed it from critical.

One of the Nurses did confide in Sherry that John had not wanted any visitors, John has an ego, he is a MAN and doesn't want folks to see in need of help.

But Johnny boy this time is different. Someone has to sign for all these little procedures, and you cannot expect to have Candy miss work and stick around for it. We don't always get what we want. (I did get chewed out by the head nurse for taking a picture int he room, that is a no no, privacy matters you know.)

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Paula said...

Love those cars and so happy Johnny is a little better. My prayers he will continue to be better and better.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice your friends managed a hot shower for you. That is one of the little things in life that really does mean a lot. Yes this is a time when it's necessary to have someone around to make sure things are going ok and continue to do so. You two are life savers for John's daughter. Take good care!

Dar said...

Glad to hear that Johnny is holding his own. Slow and steady wins the race. You just cannot rush healing. The more rest he has now, the better. Once he thinks he's feeling all better, and is, he may just want to bust loose of those hospital walls. Yes, rest is best right now~~~for all of you. Prayers all around:)
As for those cars, I am drooling. A 1950 anything would make me happy to commemorate the year the Good Lord decided to announce me as present on this earth. And you had two of them and didn't hold onto one for me, hmmmmmmmm.
Kiddin, dear. Of the ones you show today, I am partial to green, red, white or blue. Blue, blue's the one.

Anonymous said...

A safe road and day ahead for you all. Patience and strength as well.

betty said...

I didn't realize that about the picture! I guess I would have thought if it was okay with the person you were taking a picture of that it was okay to take the picture. Learned something new today! glad to hear John is doing a bit better, thank God!


shirl72 said...

Sorry you got chewed out by a nurse for taking
pictures. Tell her you have people all over
the world waiting to see pictures of your stay.
Thats your job to inform your readers what is
going on and staying in touch. Nice of William
and Brenda to share. They are good people. Stay
warm and clean.

Lucy said...

Good to know that Sherry's brother is doing better. I hate the thought of feeding tubes. He sounds like he is in critical condition yet, and I hope the best for him. Loved the pictures of the cars. Take care. It is 29 here now and 70 yesterday. I hate the big changes in temps.

Fred Alton said...

So glad that Johnny is making some improvement. Praying for you two kind souls as you help make life more tolerable for him and his loved ones.

Glenda said...

Encouraging news about Johnny, hope his status keeps on improving daily. Wow, those car photos from Cuba are pretty cool---amazing contrasts! I'd love to know more about that bright royal blue number, could see that parked in my drive!!!