Thursday, March 24, 2011


9999 1914_French_Aero

I get confused with the world today. The economy is in the basement I hear. Then on the news they say, stores cannot keep enough of the X-Box (whatever that is), Wii’s and other expensive toys.

Rich kids buy jeans that are torn, like poor kids used to have to wear. Had mama known that it would have saved her a lot of work, patching.111111111906-8_Columbia_Electric_Victoria_Haybird

(I guess this electric car is one horse power.)

0000000 1912_Delauney

(Lower is the Delauney, Belleville, French)

Unemployment is high here in Michigan yet I see kids carrying and talking on the newer expensive phones (Blackberries?). There are lines at expensive eating places. I see kids driving new cars with the new fancy rims and low profile tires. I am confused!

99999 1911_Walker_3_ton_Electric


We as a nation pay athletes more than we pay brain surgeons, the president or rocket scientists. When an athlete earning millions is told to pull his pants up, he can curse the policeman for doing his job, Confusing.

353536   1950_Aerocar_Flying_Car_On_The_Runway=jagwire=121212 1914_Morgan_Cycle_Car_670lbs

One of the fastest growing businesses is electronic GAMES! The car manufacturers were broke (except Ford) a couple years ago, now they are in the pink. If unemployment is at an all time high, and jobs are shaky, who is buying these cars? Yep I am confused.

679678 1920 Morgan

(famous Morgan)

I listen as well as I can to the Doctors recap of a patient’s progress, and they NEVER, I mean NEVER say we expect to discharge him in ---- days, weeks etc. If a patient has very good insurance, it seems they plan to hold onto him/her until it (the insurance) is milked for every day possible. So far their definition of a stay is: His insurance will cover him on this floor for four weeks. Forgive me but that is how I see it, but then, I am confused. I simplify too much.

2222222 1932_Detroit_Electric-jan22

1932 Electric!

The only business in this country other than electronics, that is growing by leaps and bounds, is medicine. Medical help and pills. While I am on it, does your doctor ever say to you, “Well that is it, if you have any more problems, be sure you come back!”?

5555555 the Thing, REmember66666666 1888_Serpollet_Tricyle

(Remember the VW THING?)

No, from what I hear them say is, “as you leave make an appointment for 2 weeks, a month, (some period of time), I need to see you again!” Are we ever cured anymore? I think they expect another office visit, if they have only prescribed plenty of rest and orange juice. I am confused!

23232323 1914_Ricottis_Alfa_Torpedo

(By the Italian Alfa Romero group)

Some doctors prescribe, walking, for their patience, then issue a Handicap sticker so folks can park near the business entrance. ( PLEASE, let me qualify that, if walking is bad for you, or you have a wheel chair or condition that requires it, YOU SHOULD HAVE A HANDICAP STICKER.) The first part confuses me.

56565657 1920 Rumpler w 6

(Love this Rumpler Tropfenwagen The first streamlined car, built in Germany.)

If you are unemployed, or broke, is it smart to buy an $80 ticket for a sports event or go out for a $100 steak meal?

444444444 2cv Citroen

Forget it, I am just confused! But thanks for coming by the log to see some vehicles that look confused, or different!

6767676789  bmw Isetta777777777 1911_Dedelia_8hp

Nite Shipslog


I hope you have enjoyed the Odd vehicles.

4545454545  1936_Stout_Scarab-blue-mx2=

Built in Detroit, only 9 were built, Stout later designed Airplanes. This car was mostly aluminum. 1936


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's Thursday morning here and it is a lot colder but when I looked outside there was no snow on the ground so that's a good thing. I hope it's the same there for you. It is a confusing world and when we think about all the luxuries we have it is hard to believe that we are in hard times. I've been confused for a long time now and I expect it won't get any better for sure. I hope your day is a good one! Take good care!

shirl72 said...

That 1936 car looks like it ran into a building.
Glad to see a picture of the Isetta.

I like you am confused. When I am driving
I see all this traffic and everybody buying
expensive things and say the same thing I thought
times were bad. Past the School yesterday and
about 3 lot were filled with cars. Each teenager
has a car, cellpones, ipods and all the other
things they think is necessady to survive. Who
ia paying the car insurance, phone bills and other things. Confused? Yes they say times are bad. Excuse me I stay confused.


Glenda said...

You are not the only one confused! We're all in
a quandry about something and YES the economy thing is one of the biggest puzzles. How is APPL sold out of the newest whatever and the unemployment numbers keep going up? Great entry,love the car/truck photos!!!

Jean said...

I can look around and see the same thing Jack and yes it is confusing! We can get by here, but I don't have the latest up to date phone I do have a cell that I only carry 150 minutes a month and sometimes I don't even use a minute a month on it. If I'm off and call hubby on it he can't hear me, lol . I keep it in case of an emergency. I can call all the minutes I want but have to pay for the minutes over 150 when Grover was in the hospital and I used it my bill was only around $34.00 so I come out better in the long run, lol. Now I just pay $21.34 a month. I think though if I stop this plan I wouldn't be able to get back on it, I have been on it since I retired and changing from Alltel to Verizon they still keep me on. I do know some people that have one of the most expenses phone and complain about everything costing so much the way I look at it they could get by with a cheaper phone and save some. I just picked phones to complain about this time, lol.

betty said...

LOL, Jack, I understand; I'm just as confused as you!! Makes no sense with a lot of what confuses you. Why would someone pay $100 for a pair of jeans with holes in it? Yet they do. I have to agree about paying sports players so much money, ridiculous!! Teachers need to be paid great salaries I think.

definitely confused with you, Jack, but I did enjoy your car pictures!


Fred Alton said...

If you are confused then water ain't wet! You are so "on target"! I'm constantly confused with you when I hear that our nation's government is almost ready to shut down if we don't find funding - and that our soldiers will have to fight without pay...then turn on the news and find that this "action" in Libya is costing us 100 million dollars a day - with no end in sight!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Life and time did change. Much. Maybe it's a fault of a big city, as I do miss youth the way I used to know. Maybe it will take a while until the Good will turn out. A confusing time. Maybe it's a promise in the making.

Please have a good Friday you all.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Well, we must be in the same boat because it confuses me too! The kids today are in for a rude awakening when Mommy weens them and they have to pay for those expensive items themselves.

Then again, I remember my Mother and Father always yelling at me to turn off the light when I left a room. When I got my first apartment, that was the first thing that I learned.

Great post!

Paula said...

Guess everyone from our generation is confused. great entry.

Amelia said...

That is actually an understandable rant. We as Americans just cannot get our priorities straight. I am guilty of overspending as well even when I don't actually have it to spend.


Ken Riches said...

I think that is is a sign of our society today, priorities have changed. It is about being connected, instant gratification, and making someone else make the hard decisions. Our wasteful ways will change of necessity soon.