Thursday, March 17, 2011

SSSSSSSSST Patrick's Day (Snakes)

Up here in Motor City the one thing that is disappointing is the roads. These roads are terrible. Not as bad as Chicago, but close. You can tell the residents they never try to dodge the pot holes.


I know, to show I understand it is the freezing and thawing that rips pavement apart and there is a lot of that up north. But the roads are still terrible. LOL


Green Camaro new type!

Oh since I am part Irish this is St. Patty’s day. I understand he ran all the snakes out of Ireland. Maybe he could do that in Washington DC. Maybe a prayer is in order to that end.

Nisson Alemara

This one is for sale in Donegal, Ire.

We were on another Island, Jamaica, I don’t think there any snakes in Jamaica. They are now over run with the Mongoose that was brought in to eradicate the snakes. There are no poisonous snakes in Jamaica anymore. They should have just asked St. Patrick, would have been better.


Dark green, for sale in Ireland

John is frustrated because of the trach of course he cannot talk and it bugs him, I don’t blame him. We talked to his nurse, Mike, today. He said it was just too early to remove the trach, he had to improve a little more before that can happen.1994 Mitsubshi Lancer, ire

Another used car, for sale in Ireland!

So since we are still in Motor city (area) let’s try for some Green St. Patrick’s day cars:

Green Stanley Steamers


1910 steamer


Another 1910 but a touring car


1911 Steamer


1913 GREEN steamer.


Cannot leave out the Green ‘49 Chevy


Green ‘56 Metropolitan convertible

And Who knew that John Deere was….

who0 knew


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. I hope you put your green on for luck today. The pot holes are bad here too. They fill them in and then the snow plows take the filling out when they shovel the snow...It seems like they do this for job security.
I quite imagine that John will be saying a lot when he finally gets the chance. We never know how blessed we are until we don't have something. I hope your day is a good one there...It's to be warmer and sunny here today.

betty said...

I liked your green entry today, Jack. All the green cars looked "spiffy"!! I can imagine it is frustrating for John not being able to talk and be able to communicate in that way. I hope there will be a day soon when they can remove the trach and he will be able to talk (and I'm sure he will want to talk and talk and talk and talk)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!

potholes! Tons here too and we can't blame the freezing weather.

I like your idea to remove the snakes in DC. Prayers definitely indeed!


Jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry, I wish I had a car like some of the ones in the picture's I bet they would bring in a lot of money now, but first I would have to find someone with that kind of money, lol. My dads sister and her husband had one that look like the 1913 car they even drove it around I know they had it in the 40's and he must have traded it for a truck he keep in a garage and it always look new to me.

Paula said...

Like the green cars. Happy St. Patrick's Day to both of you.

shirl72 said...

Hope it want be long until Johnny can talk.
I know it would be bad not being able to speak.
I'm sure it would be for me. Like the cars you
have been showing. Still praying for Johnny
to improve.


Anonymous said...

Once i heard that there two kinds of people, those being and those who wish to be Irish ... countless memories about St. Patick's Day ... countless Guinness as well ;)
Please have you all a good Friday.

Dar said...

Rather GREEN today in honor of your part-heritage. I would thing that 49 Chevy would get it's running boards ripped right off with today's potholes. Frost heave can be brutal on the tires, as well. Hope you took some time today for some corned beef and cabbage....mmmm, or a green smoothie.

Soon, Johnny will get that trach out and then you better be ready for an ear full. I can just imagine how irritating that is. Bad enough to have a scratchy sore throat. Prayers are still coming every day.

Amelia said...

Nice cars... They were perfect for St. Patty's Day. Take care John, and watch those potholes.