Monday, March 7, 2011

Cars from the United Kingdom

Today we go to the United Kingdom. I picked some I love but cannot tell you much about them. From the country of the Rolls Royce and the Morgan you wouldn't expect less than artful and beautiful cars.

The yellow one that looks like an MG at first glance is a MOrgan. The Morgan is the only car in the world that is still hand made and on a wooden frame. It is a real performance car. I had the privilege of building an oak luggage rack for one of these for a student of mine. He took me a ride, and what a ride. Vondale couldn't have scared me more.

And then there is The Beatles Rolls Royce. Sherry and I saw this one on display one year here in the Detroit area at the Henry Ford.
For the Johnny UPdate:
Today he sat up in a chair dipping and sucking his own little foam stick. Little man had been earlier and john asked for the cup so Little Man gave it to him. Sherry let him use most of the cup a little at a time. He is off the respirator today and breathing on his own. They still won't upgrade the status, he is still listed ibn critical condition, but anyone going in can tell he is improving, all his vital signs are good.
He recognized me. He completed all the recognition requests of the nurse. Such as Lift your left arm, Right arm etc. What day is it? Month and year. He did okay until he tried to do the year on his fingers and gave up!!
We moved the motor home near the hospital on the grounds here and are now in the Hospital Hotel for a few days. I still prefer the Motor home, but nere Sherry can luxuriate in a long bath. Girls like that, I think boys just want to get it over with. hahahaha
Take care,
Nite Shipslog
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The cars are nice to look at but hearing the news of John is wonderful. It definitely sounds like he is improving. I'll continue praying for his recovery. Enjoy your little home away from home while you can.

Fred Alton said...

Had to laugh at your comment that "boys just like to get it over with". Ha. I'm sure that there in Detroit at this time and temp I'd hurry that process more quickly than usual. ☻

Glad to hear that Johnny is doing better.

shirl72 said...

At that temp. I don't think I would think about
a bath. Glad Johnny is improving. We have had rain and the weather was back to 32 at night.
No way as cold as you. I am surprised the Motor
Home started. It is going to be mad at you for
getting it up there in snow. Stay warm if you can.


Paula said...

So glad Sherry can take a long relaxing bath now. I like the red car.

Dar said...

Once again, the cars are just plain cool. I like the 'gangster' mobiles, black, preferably.
I'm sooo glad that Johnny is off the respirator. It's been a long time coming, and I'm sure a long hot soak in the tub, is just what the doctor ordered for Sherry's worried bones. You two get some much needed rest. Thinking of you.

betty said...

John is doing great! I get confused about the year sometime myself (how did we get in 2011, I still remember 2005 like yesterday)

Sometimes soaking in a hot bath is a good stress reliever and very relaxing; glad Sherry has the opportunity to have a bath every now and then!


Cher' Shots said...

Love hearing of Johnny's progression. Slow steps are better than no steps. Prayers continue.
LOVE the black coupe!
'love & hugs from afar'

~mel said...

Johnny's progress sure sounds encouraging; there must be something about his sister putting a spark under him to get up and do some serious visiting with her. Tell him to keep it up! LOVE the Beatle's Royce ... I could just see myself sitting in that beauty!