Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reading and other Exciting stuff

I have read Baldacci's 'Deliver Us From Evil' and I have just finished Lescroat’s ‘Treasure Hunt’. Now I am starting a James Patterson, ‘You’ve Been Warned’. I keep reading to keep from writing. I know I need to put out another book. I have promised one by next Christmas, but I can’t seem to get the thoughts together.

Incase anyone reading has a Kindle, my books are available as e-books now, the prices are from 99 cents and $2.99.

2007-08-23 188

(You gotta love this Studebaker! Museum, South Bend, IN)

Last year I had a chance to visit with a distant friend, Buddy. A character I have used in all the Novels I have written. It was fun seeing him and meeting his beautiful wife Di. For a few days it was a transfer back to our youth except Buddy has gotten older. Haha.

The thought hit me yesterday about a title. I liked the sound of it; “Distant Friends”. I guess a title is better than nothing. I hear from Tuck every once in awhile. His main question is ‘Where are YOU?

Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. Where are we?

2007-08-23 146

(This was near Notre Dame, an Amish buggy))

We are going to start our trip to the North East in late Jun or early July. Maybe after the fourth of July holidays. RV parks are much easier to find available after that point.

But to the right now, if John gets into Rehab we might head for warmer country soon. I know the Motor Home will appreciate it.

2007-08-23 001

(This was Southwest Michigan at a warmer time).

Supper last night was a Veggie Lovers Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. Enough left for another meal. We stopped by to visit the MH and put the pizza in the freezer.

Sherry isn’t gonna know how to act when she must drink our coffee again, we have drank a few gallons of ‘Java Joes’.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

NIte Ships log


The good Lord didn't create anything without a purpose, But mosquitoes come close.

2007-08-23 326

From the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Ind.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll keep praying for Johns recovery and do hope he makes it into rehab this Monday as planned. I know that you both need a rest and some warmer climates probably more than your motor home does. It's been a tough few weeks and the weather didn't make it any better for you at all. Take good care!

Paula said...

Fleas and ticks doesn't have much purpose either. Well maybe to give dogs exercise from scratching.

shirl72 said...

Wonder how long it will take your bodies to
thaw out. Hope they don't go into shock.
Looks like we may have an early Spring. They
say we will get one more cold snap. When you
are ready for the South it will be warm.
Pray John is on the road to recovery. You know
his Daughter and friends will keep check on him.


Bookncoffee said...

Wow, did you know my Droid phone has a "Free Kindle App?" I downloaded it so now I basically have a "Kindle". And...perhaps I will just find your books! Then I'll have something to read "on the go". I'll have to have a talk with Dave Ramsey first. lol

Anonymous said...

The title is indeed a promise in the making.

Please have a good start into the new week you all.

betty said...

I was SOOOOOO THRILLED to read your comment today, Sherry!! Thank you sooooooo very much for it!! You go girl!! You sky dive at age 80 and you tell me where and when and Lord willing, I'll be there!! (I'm serious!!!)

I like the title "Distant Friends". It could be an intriguing one indeed, or a romance novel or a murder mystery, I guess however one wants to write it

maybe mosquitos were created to help humble us??


Fred Alton said...

"Distant Friends" VS "Close Friends"? I'm anxious to read it. But for now I take great satisfaction in reading your daily activities and seeing the great pictures you post. Yep - I bet the motor-home will get down on it's knees and lift up it's front wheels with a big smile, and you'll hear the engine purring in a warm throated voice, "Thank you, master...Oh, thank you, thank you!" ☻

Dar said...

Sounds like Johnny is coming along. Your MH won't know how to act. You may have to keep an eye on her speed when you head south. I hear they have a mind like a horse, 'Heading for the Barn.' It's called, homeward bound. No matter, you, too, will be so glad to be grounded south again.
As for useless things, I agree with you and Paula. Add to that list, no-see-ums...them tiny little biters that irritate the heck out of you on a hot, humid day while you're trying to git-er-done whether gardening or fishing. Useless!

Ken Riches said...

Love the Studebaker Museum. We had our PAC dinner there about three years ago and had the museum to ourselves. It was great.