Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Missing comments and Remember the Crosley?

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Sometimes when Sherry is reading Blogs, she will say, “Did you read what Boomer ( Jean, Mel, Jimmy, Lucy, paula, Fred etc) said?” I usually say, ‘yeah, if I got there first, I made a comment.’


“No you didn’t!” Is the reply sometimes.

I Think now (blaming it on age) I forget to go back and put the magic words in after the comment. All blogs do not do the same with the magic letters, some go back to the header others go right back to the comment for the ‘crazy letters’ to be added.


Oh, that Jean, is a corker, did you read the blog written in wing dings or something? I thought she had gone Asian on us and changed her language. I wouldn’t have been surprised at our genius teacher from Athens. Robert speaks and writes a few language very well. I do wish I had paid attention and learned another language when I was younger. I tried the Berlisk (?) Method for Spanish while walking in the woods, but my hearing is too far gone now, I cannot even understand English now.


I do believe the official language of the USA should be English, but I have no problem with folks being bi-lingual, it must be nice. It would be good to teach Spanish, German or French in an early grade, the children could use it in their later lives.


I was looking at Jean’s blog, she is starting to show food, I noticed what I am sure is a biscuit. Are biscuits nationwide, or mostly down south? I remember the first time I ate Home-made rolls at dinner. Sherry and I were invited out to a ministers house near Kirksville, MO and she had fresh yeast rolls, with butter would melt in your mouth. I don’t think I have eaten a roll any better since.


My mama never baked bread, other than biscuits, but hers were the best, and you could sop gravy with them and they would not fall apart. Hahaha.

Thanks for coming by the log,

Nite Shipslog



"A lion will not cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood!"

Ah, that was mean!


If we had kept the Crosley in the USA, we might be saving more gas today



betty said...

I'm with you, Jack; English should be our official language here and people who come to this country should be encouraged to learn it sooner than later, LOL. It is amazing with the reports I type with people speaking a different language than English and having to have others interpret for them and it is not just Spanish, but all sorts. I think I would want to learn the language of where I lived.

We were thinking about learning Spanish since we are so close to the border but haven't looked into it yet.

Those biscuits of your mom's sounds delicious. I bet she made them too without measuring anything; they just seemed to know how much flour, etc.


Jean said...

Hahaha, Jack I think my blog got hackle into like my checking account. Yes that happen to me last week.That was A biscuit I cooked at breakfast and just warmed it Take care, Jean.

shirl72 said...

It you had the Crosley and I had the Isetta
we wouldn't be here today because we would
have been blown into the far beyond by the
large trucks. We would have save gas on one trip.
then we would be history. I want get on my soap
box about non-speaking English intruders.


Paula said...

I saw that entry on Jean's blog and wondered about her. LOL Like those cute cars.

Dar said...

Don't think I'd feel so safe riding in one of those cracker boxes. They look just small enough to fit 'under' a semi. Ouch!
Mom baked 10 loaves of bread at a time from scratch, every other day for the 9 of us kids, 11 with her and Dad. We'd come home from school and have warm bread with homemade butter that melted the instant it hit the bread. Yummy as your Mama's biscuits, I'll bet. I still cannot make a good biscuit, I think it's a southern thing.
Come to live in America!!!Speak English~~~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My grand mother taught me to make biscuits and they were the best. White bread as she called it was rarely seen at her house. It was a luxury and sandwiches were made on biscuits too. Now it seems a luxury to have a good biscuit. A lot of folks I know just pop them out of a tin and bake them. I prefer the homemade kind and make my own if and when I have them. They are a treat! We had a couple of inches of new snow fall here yesterday. March is trying to go out like a lion. Take good care!

Cher' Shots said...

I have to say that I can't believe my own sister Dar would call bisquits a 'southern thing' She must not have our Mom's recipe. I make really good flakey tender bisquits. And I make some really really good breads too! Ouch!! my arm is sore from patting myself on the back!
'love & hugs from afar'

Fred Alton said...

Man, do I ever understand about the blog comments. I have submitted comments to blogs and then forget to hit send or some other mistake on my part - then there are those times when I just don't have time to get here to comment. I remember the first time I ate "scones" in Kenya. There was this older South African couple who had invited us to "high tea" and she said she was making "scones". Of course I was excited and ready for the new challenge - only to learn that they were what we call "biscuits". I also found out that cookies were what they called "biscuits"! I think that was a cross-ie (not Crosley) Hahahahaha. I'm tired. Can you tell? ☻☻☻