Saturday, March 12, 2011

WIFI, Bad hair days & ICE CREAM

There are times I wonder how electronics works. The new powers of computers and cyber space are amazing. Just hearing that in countries like Egypt and Libya can cut the internet to its citizens made me wonder about the USA, and immediately on the net comes the announcement that our president has the power to cut it here.

I have learned something here in the hospital. Whether on their computers or on Sherry’s laptop I try to play some attachments sent or go to ‘you tube’ and get the BIG announcement, Access denied, Hospital policy. I understand that on their computer, but I don’t understand it on this laptop, of course we are WIFI so I guess they control it there. Oh well. I have missed all the attachments y’all have sent.

Yesterday must have been a bad-hair day for most folks here in the hospital. Normally on the ¼ mile walk to John’s room I notice either I smile first and get a smile in return or vice versa. Yesterday I got very few smiles in return, I mean it was noticeable. And I just thought this is TGIF I thought most workers were happy today. Oh well, maybe today things will be bright again.

Also walking the halls folks usually move over for each other, yesterday that was not always the case either. Wonder what position the earth, sun and moon were in. I hear there are folks that believe that effects people.

Oh, on the brighter side, more of my books have sold. In my book RAGS, John is personality and name of the local Chief of Police. After reading a little of RAGS Debbie wanted copies of all the books I have published. So I’m not quite as mad a John. LOL.

Sherry says he is still scheduled to go to Rehab Monday, that is great news.

We treated ourselves to a Blizzard. This is the truth, standing at the outside window ordering ice cream, with light snow blowing and the temps at the freezing mark, was a girl in short shorts. TRUE! And I thought all the crazies were in Key West!

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Many folks want to serve God, But only as advisers.

PS2: I searched for Beautiful Car, this 36-37 Cord came up, I think I agree it is beautiful.

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shirl72 said...

I feel Sherry is getting tired. That is why
the question. She has stood by in Johnny's
worst times. If she would decide to come
home she can rest assured she had done her
best along with her side kick. Maybe she wants
you to make the decision. Don'e get use to
the cold weather. I know how she loves the
warm weather. Caregivers need to take care also.


betty said...

LOL about the shorts; people would wear them in the middle of winter in subzero weather in Montana; I could never but I guess one gets used to it! Glad you guys treated yourselves to a Blizzard; I'm sure it was well enjoyed by the two of you. Hoping John can get moved to rehab as planned; that might help you guys figure out how long to stay, etc. I know when hubby worked at a hospital, there were certain sites blocked that they couldn't access via internet, so it must be perhaps standard hospital procedures of what is able to be accessed and what is not able to be accessed.

stay warm!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad your blizzard was of the icecream variety. A few weeks ago when we got up to 50 for a day there were folks here with shorts on, but you don't see them when the snow is on the ground. BrrrChill!
Glad Johnny is going to rehab. That is a positive sign. Take good care there!

Fred Alton said...

Jack, you and Sherry having the Blizzard in the cold weather is not much different than some folks I know who make and eat "snow-cream" when snow is coming down. I love the DQ Tropical Blizzard. Mmmm mmmm mmmm!!! Just be sure to take it into a warm place - and wear your long-handles - not those short shorts! LOL Makes me laugh to wonder how many reading this know what long-handles are. Bad Hair day yesterday in Japan! The few hairs on my head went askew when I saw those news reports. Man - it's hard to imagine everything one has ever worked for suddenly being taken from you except for your life and the clothes you have on. You all do take care of yourselves by gettin a proper amount of rest. I'm feeling for you all and praying too.

Sheila Y said...

Yay! I know what long handles are. Hubby went and got us a chocolate frosty from Wendy's today and we were both cold after eating it...ha. Stay warm and prayers for Johnny, Sheila

Anonymous said...

It's very rare that WIFI works over here at places where it should, as well most of the times one has to pay for it as well ...
A bit of a peaceful day over here as well, looks as if it should be good tomorrow too.
Glad that I nearly ran out of hair.
Late. Thank you very much for your kind words.
Please have you all a good Sunday.

Paula said...

Its been a bad hair day here today all day. When you decide to go I think you and Sherry have really stood by Johnny.

Cher' Shots said...

People are a strange mix for sure! I'm sending you a virtual smile :) for those missed yesterday. You know with the earthquake they say our axis is off ~ so who knows what makes people tick. Prayer continue for Johnny!
'hugs from afar'
p.s. Did you know that more ice cream is sold in Alaska than anywhere else in the U.S.?

Ken Riches said...

Cool that you sold some books :o)

Dar said...

It sounds like you will be leaving our cold climes soon. You and Sherry have been great to stand by and hold Johnny at his most needed hours of recovery. He is lucky to have you but I am so certain he knows that.
As for that ice cream, Bill eats it even all winter...good for the disposition, if nothing else.
Travel safe when you finally get back on the road. I'm sure Sherry will cry, sigh, and then love the warmth the sun provides once Johnny is in rehab.