Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dirty Snow mountains and Pontiac

I saw my first Glacier near Valdez, Alaska. I was disappointed because it was dirty, not pretty and white. Now I see these mountains of snow around Ypsi and Ann Arbor as they melt they are dirty. Melting exposes trash that was covered by the snow.

It actually brings back the statement of one of my commanding officers in Missouri. Speaking of the snow that seemed to stay all winter, “I am afraid, men, that this snow covers a multitude of sins.” And it did. Hahaha. Much stuff and trash showed up after the thaw.

All that aside, I have heard of Pontiac and Cadillac Michigan for years, but are there other cities cars are named after or cities named after cars? I don’t remember a Ypsi car.

I just learned Cadillac is not pronounced as we do the car,but Pontiac is pronounced as the Ottawa Chief Pontiac was pronounced. So speaking of Pontiac, I never have owned one but I liked the cars design let’s look at a few.


1926 Pontiac


1929 Cabriolette Pontiac  This was a beauty!


1933, eat your hearts out Bonnie and Clyde, don’t you just love the rumble seat?


1935 touring Sedan, four  years before I was born it had a straight 8 engine.


The famous 1946 Pontiac Torpedo first Pontiac after WWII.


A Pontiac Streamliner from 1949, still a straight 8 with power to spare.

I know everyone doesn’t love old cars, but they are a passion with me. When I see one of these ole war horses on the road I get a thrill, these are my child hood.

Man I loved the sound of the engines when guys that could afford it split the manifold and added twin exhausts with smitty mufflers or gutted stock mufflers. Ahhhh that deep VAROOOM sound.

As the announcer used to say, “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yester year”.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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1955 Pontiac Star chief, Friends Flavous and Virginia Matheny had this one, in tan I think.


Cher' Shots said...

There you go, showing me all those cool cars again! LOVE IT!
Was that the Worthington Glacier you saw?? It was very clean & pretty when we saw it. Or was it the Black Rapids glacier?? Did you get out on a boat to see the Columbia glacier? BEAUTIFUL!!
'love & hugs from afar'

Rose said...

My very first car was a 1962 Pontiac Tempest. I was just a young girl of 18 purchasing a brand new car! I loved that car. It was burgundy with all white leather seats.

Lucy said...

We had a used Pontiac a quite a while back,. It was small and I loved driving it but it finally died. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they feel indeed larger than life. And yes, who knows where all the white of snow has gone to ...

Please have a good Wednesday you all.

Fred Alton said...

The first car Frances and I ever owned was a 1936 (straight eight) Pontiac. It was blue in color and we called "her" Charlotte, which was the name the previous owners had used. We paid $50 for the car in 1958, packed all of our belingings into it (including our Maytag wringer type washing machine and our 3 month old Frankie) and drove it to Lenoir City, TN where we sold it for $50. Couldn't afford to buy the oil, as it used a gallon every 100 miles!!! Ha. Thanks for the memories.

betty said...

there is something about the sound of their engines; made you think of excitement and adventure with them. I didn't realize Cadillac was named after a city in Michigan. Very interesting trivia to know!