Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fooling one’s self

I’ve learned a trick to weight control. If you dig out the larger pants and wear them, you just know you have lost weight after awhile. The trick for KNOWING YOUR WEIGHT is to weigh at the same time of the day and weight yourself undressed or nekked, as I learned to say. I have found a better formula for that because it is not always convenient to get ‘nekked’ at Wal-Mart or Sears.  The last time I done that folks stared and laughed a lot. So I don’t do that any more.

I just jump on the scale and get the weight. Say it is 175 and I wanted to be 150. So naturally I take off 24 pounds for clothes shoes and pocket change, shoot, I am a pound over weight.  I’ll skip the Blizzard at DQ and I will be right on the mark. NO PROBLEM. I am going to buy lighter clothes because they are getting up to 40 pounds. hahahaha

Not too much to report from Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. John is staying about the same, declares when he fell he was not after water. That might be true, who knows.

Do you know anyone who has a trach? Can they talk? and eat via mouth?  I miss a lot and forget to have Sherry ask.

Think I will close out. I have been trying to get the ser# of the radio in the Van so I can bet the magic code to use the radio and GPS again.  I think I have it. I won’t know until we  get back to the Honda place.

I am looking out the window at a lot of clear ground with many big dirty snow hill that are slowly melting. It is still above freezing, but we will take care of that tonight when we drob to the mid 20’s.

Nit Shipslog


From the AT hike

07012009 035

07012009 051

I don’t even know where the pictures were taken, but they were on our AT hike in 2009 So it was in the North East somewhere. I just love to catch a ‘A’ model on the road.

07012009 042


Cher' Shots said...

I love your weight control ideas! Works for me but the 'nekked' part is the scariest!
LOVE your hiking pics! Snowed about 7-8 inches across the lake from you - ARGH!
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you get your code all set up. That radio and gps are important for sure. It's rained here two days now and supposed to get a big snow here tomorrow. Take care -- you all are in my prayers

Fred Alton said...

Last time I went to my doctor I asked his nurse if I should remove my heavy jacket before weighing in. She said, and I quote, "It really doesn't matter." If 10 to 12 pounds don't matter in the docs office why should they matter to me?

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all a light time ahead.

shirl72 said...

Hope you have the right code for the radio.
I just set my scales back about 10 pounds to
get the weight I want. I'm in control and they
are scales. Leave your shoes, coat on and
deduct what you think they weigh that also works.


betty said...

I just don't get on the scale; I'm a lot happier that way :)

I think some people who have trachs can talk but they have to use some type of equipment to do so; not sure about eating though. Sometimes people get well enough that their trach can be capped for a bit too and they breathe on their own

will keep praying


Dar said...

First, the best to Johnny. It sounds as tho he is coming along day by day, slow is good. His body gets better rest. Not sure about the trach. Sorry. As for the weight? What weight? Are we counting? I gave in along time ago...and know I should know better. Winter is always terribly hard for both of us. Soon we will be back outside everyday and loving the looser jeans.
I can see you are getting anxious for your hike. You two are terrific. I sure would love to do what you do...the ATrail is quite the goal to complete but you two, will do it.