Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Lied (again) BUT let’s see some Studebakers anyway


Well it seems plans are made to be changed. So we are at the Wayne County Fair Grounds in Belleville, MI. We signed up for a week, here we have full hookups for the Motor home and we feel at HOME.  We had a conference with the Hospital staff this morning. Things are better but not as good as they could be.  For sure John is more active, waves a finger or hand when I go in the room and makes eye contact.


He watches TV, loves the sports channel. Anyone who knows Johnny knows he is a walking sports almanac. That is a Harris trait. Even Sherry knows sports, it is part of the Harris DNA.


I seldom go in the room more than once a day. If I am there and someone tries to talk to me, they have to raise their voices too much, etc. I stay out to avoid causing more hassle than necessary.


But I am learning things up here in the North though. You know those mountains of snow I have been talking about? Yeah the ones they load onto dump trucks and take to outlying places.  Or on the far end of a parking lot where it has been pushed with snow plows. Well all the trash dirt and rocks that have been picked up stay right there after the snow melts. Amazing how littered the highways and roads are now that most of the snow is gone. The snow melts and the trash etc just settles where it was piled.


Pot holes are expected, and hopefully fixed after every spring thaw.


It would be wonderful if this place could claim the top-spot for autos it once held in the world. It is funny to me, that this area, bordering on Canada offers grits with your breakfast. That is from the influence of the southern folk that came to Detroit to build cars. This is an amazing area, a mixture of ALL the southern states along with the original Michiganders.


You will notice the Car of The Day is the Studebaker. Shirl and Jim had a great collection of Studebakers.


This was Jim & Shirl’s prize as they drove around town.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog



INFLATION: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.

And the Studebaker design remembered most:


If you are ever in South Bend, Visit the Stud museum there, it is the best auto museum I ever visited.



Sheila Y said...

It would be neat to have one of those old cars to tool around in. I saw an old sports car, with 'Santa' driving it, a few times before Christmas, but I haven't seen it since...makes you go hmmmm....ha. Love from our part of NC, Sheila

Bookncoffee said...

I can tell you are itching for a further move down south, but you guys are awesome to stick around where you are needed. Have a great Sunday and "hang in there". What cool cars!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad that John continues to get better even if it is not as good as could be. A little is better than not. Our pot holes will be around awhile. I noticed some new ones in our roads just since the last trip I made across our town. Seems like they finally get it all back in shape and then the snow flies again. Glad you got full hook ups there and hopefully now it won't be as cold as it was when you first arrived. The last of that kind of cold should be over. Still praying!

shirl72 said...

Remember the Studebakers. We had 7 1938 -1964
and the Isetta. The 1950 bullett nose was a

Glad Johnny is improving and you are at a good place to feel comfortable. Hopefully Johnny will be up and around and ready to make some decisions. If he moves back South and anything happens again he would have lots of people helping.


betty said...

I think that museum would be good to go to! I'm sure lots of cool cars to look at!

It is good that John enjoys watching the sports channel. Conferences are always good to hear what is going on, even though sometimes they say things we really don't want to hear. continuing to pray.


Fred Alton said...

Learning about that snow - reminds me of the blonde that was told by her caring father, "If you ever get caught in a snow storm, just follow the snow plow." She had been to Wal-mart, came out and realized she could hardly see because of the heavy snow that had begun. Remembering her Dad's advice, she fell in behind a snow-plow. After an hour, the snow-plow stopped and the driver came back to see if he could help. When she explained what she was doing, he said, "Sorry Ms, but I'm just cleaning off this Wal-mart parking lot!!!"

Lucy said...

Good one Fred!!! I have to admire you and Sherry for sticking with her brother. I know it is hard, with you and Sherry love to travel. Love the pictures of the cars. We don't see much debris after our streets are cleaned. Not sure why. Maybe because you all got more snow there.