Friday, March 18, 2011

Wouldn’t You Rather Have a Buick?

(That was the theme for Buick for years)

Moving day


It has been a long time between, but today we move. We are going West to Buchanan, Michigan. That is just north of South Bend, Indiana. I guess we will get to go into those area and look for some RV parts. I could use a driver’s side window. It is a double pane window that has fogged up on the inside.



We have been hauling the boat on top of the car since being up here. I want to take time to put it on the motor home. I think it makes too much noise on top of the car. We will drive back over here two or three times a week to check on Johnny. But he doesn’t need us here all the time now. Fact is when his lungs clear up and they can remove the trach, he won’t need us around at all.


Sherry is going to try to talk him into going South. I said good luck, but I do wish he would.


The RV Park we are going to is Bear Cave, located on the St. Joseph River. How about that from the St. Joe Hospital to the St. Joe River. Wow it got up to 70 here today, lovely! Still a lot of dirty snow mountains, but they are declining. I think Sherry will miss the ‘Java Joe’ coffee twice a day though.


When we left the Hospital, Candy and her mother were there with John.


(I want this one,my birth year 1939 Buick)

I shared the waiting room with some Arab folk. Normally when someone uses the computer they sign off of what they were reading. They didn’t and when I sat down I read the article, it was an anti-holocaust article. One denying that it happened and saying it was censorship in the world not to allow them to express their doubts that it ever happened. I just deleted the article.


I thought this 1931 Buick Hearse would fit here.

Roughly 200,000 Muslims live in metro Detroit. That figure really shocked me. Although there are about 7 million population, that is still a huge number I think. I am still waiting for the moderate Muslims to condemn the Muslim Terrorists loudly as Americans.

I’m outta here,

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

**********************************************A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good.


I believe Women are the only ones who care what their driver’s license picture looks like.


1938 concept car by Buick.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy Travels...!!
Glad to here your BIL is doing well...
Temp today in the high country....71*....yikes...back to the 50's on Sunday....


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope your find the parts and pieces you are looking for and get settled in the RV park. It will be nice for you to be back in your own home. I know the southern climate would be easier on John but if there is where his daughter is he'll probably want to stay close to her. Take good care!

shirl72 said...

Jack trying to get Johnny back South, will be like me trying to get Jim out of Charlotte. He has been there to long and has his long time friends. Maybe if he realizes as we get older we need our family around for support. Nothing wrong with trying. We all want to take care of
ourself until the end. Hope you like your new home.


jack69 said...

If anyone reads this, the part about moving is sort of a lie, we moved but not as far as we had planned.

betty said...

so you didn't move where you thought you would move? Saw your comment above. How far did you move? That would be nice if John did come south, but I'm betting he is too set in his ways with friends, et al to make the move, but I'm sure it would be great if he did!

interesting about anyone thinking the Holocaust didn't take place; I guess people will choose to believe what they want to believe instead of the truth


Anonymous said...

on the road again ... always safe for you two and a wonderful start into the weekend as well.

Paula said...

Beautfiul Buicks. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila Y said...

We made it into the 80's today, but supposed to be back in the 50's Sunday...I hope Johnny gets to have the trach taken out soon. I think the hospital in Mobile had a Java Joe and my children were born at St. Joe's hospital, but in Kansas, not Michigan... ;) Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I forgot Dad drove a Buick and we drove
Roadmaster Buicks. Dad had 54 I think it was Green.


Fred Alton said...

The Buick was a very fine automobile! I drove one into the heart of Gulf Hammock, FL, out to a hunting camp, back in late '58 (car belonged to Dad) and busted the oil pan. Of course the oil leaked out and somewhere along route 90 going west we had to stop in the night and a man took about 6 hours to fix it. Only charged me six dollars! With a sigh of relief we drove on up to Monroe, LA where Mom and Dad were living at the tiem. What a memory you stirred up today. ☺

Glad that Johnny is making some progress and I do hope all goes well with Sherry's talks with him.

I'm concerned that even the "moderate Muslims" want to impose Sharia law on the U.S. and some are calling for the removal of the Statue of Liberty since it is "offensive" to them. We really do have some sick minds that will agree with that. God Have Mercy on America.

Amelia said...

If they have or will condemn them, nobody would listen. There is just too much hate out there against them. It's kind of sad.