Friday, March 11, 2011

Weather, decisions and LOVE

One more morning here in Ann Arbor, MI. Looking out of the third story window of our Hotel room, again I see the world is covered in white. Thank goodness it is only about an inch, and not on the roads. I do understand the frustration of folks about the thaws, where the snow is around all winter, most of all, this year because of the flooding. It seems flood warnings and floods are all over the Mid and Eastern USA. Weather, and what about the terrible earthquake and ensuing tsunami? Wow, nature just picks up cars, huge boats and buses like they were toys!


Every week brings decision time for us. What reservations to cancel. It is no real problem, just another decision to be made. Now, about everyday my girl looks at me across coffee (during one of her breaks) and asks, ‘What do you think? Are we doing the right thing? How do you feel about staying up here? Etc.’


My answer is always the same, ‘I’m with you girl, we are here until you feel you are no longer needed or necessary.’

Last night was a sweet time, while holding each other, we both were sorta singing, ‘I got you babe’. Then talking a little and getting some of that good sugar (did I ever say that girl is a great kisser!), and one of us will start singing ‘Side by side’.


(John and his daughter Candy earlier this year)

We both would rather be in Florida, but this fits in with our chosen life style, ‘Home is Where We Park It’. The motor home misses us at night, since we are in the motel, but I go back during the day and calm it down. Hahaha! Last night we stopped by to pick up another change of clothes for Sherry, standing there she said, ‘We can come back here, can’t we?”

I said certainly, we were in this thing at -2 degrees, surely we can handle 20-30’s. But we will remain in the hotel a couple more days.

st joseph

Did I say how big this hospital is? It is a ¼ mile from our room over to Johnny’s, so we are getting in a little walking along with climbing stairs.

Thanks for coming by the log,

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What is it about girls that they must change clothes so much. I am back at the room now washing clothes. The Hospital hotel offers free washer and dryer, that is nice.


Not ours, but we had one of these as one of our first campers.


Amazing Customized Cars Of The Worlds

I have no idea what this is, but I want one! Reckon it flies?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In case you wonder where the white stuff went's here in northern Ohio. About 6 inches of heavy wet stuff. Hard to shovel and I'm taking a break. Take good care there. I'm getting my exercise too!

betty said...

now that is neat about the hospital with free washer/dryer. I like your attitude, Jack, that you are in there as long as Sherry feels she needs to be here; good team work, working together! I think in your hearts you will know when it is time to go and also in your hearts you will know that you made the best decision to be there as long as you have been there; wise words you wrote today, Jack; need to apply some of that in my own life

(we are safe with the possible tsunami; while we live close to the beach, it at least six or more miles away; I think it would have to be one heck of a wave to reach us....)


Lucy said...

A lot of thought in this entry of yours. I can understand the feeling Sherry has, and you are so understanding. When my only sibling I had left was dieing of cancer in California, her only child who was a grown woman wanted to go back to Alaska to try to win the guy she eventually married, over. My sister had just lost her husband to cancer a few months before. Patti tried to get me to come be with her mom to the end. Joe had just had his open heart surgery plus we honestly did not have the money for me to go. Nell knew what Patti was trying to do and she called me from her hospital bed and told me not to come, because Patti was the only one that could take care of all they had. She also said she was extremely disappointed in her daughter. It hurts to relive it yet to this day. I wish I could have been there for her, and will always feel I should have been there,.

Ally Lifewithally said...

What a lovely idea a washer/Dryer service in the hospital ~ I am sure you will both know when it is time to move on ~ but it is nice to know you can stay until the time is right ~ Ally x

Paula said...

Yes that certainly is a hospital that has taken all needs into consideration.Glad you two are getting a little walking exercise in because I know there is lots of sitting and waiting in a hospital.

Bookncoffee said...

Hey there. Happy Weekend. I feel your cold pain! But you guys are awesome and you live day by day and you are doing what you feel you need to do. You have each other to lean on and you are helping others! Way to go. Love you guys.. Keep hanging on and you'll be south soon and in the spring! Awaiting the 9:00 CST news tonight of all the happenings in Japan and on our west coast.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful ode to love and life. May time continue to treat you two kind.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, I love that you and Sherry are so considerate of each other in the midst of these difficult circumstances. Moving day always brought out the worst in me. I've had to apologize a few times for un-kind words spoken while packing and un-packing. Sorry to disappoint you - but it's the truth. And you two seem to just sail smoothly along during all this up-heaval. Praying for you both to have the extra strength and patience you need right now. Love you folks.

Dar said...

You two amaze me, no, I'm not at all surprised how well you work together. So glad Johnny is getting well again. Nice picture of he and his daughter.
We're at my daughter Darcies this weekend for a short visit. Sure is good to get away from the ho-hum daily drive at home for the first time this winter. Can't believe how the boys have grown.
Take care and travel safe when you get back on the road. You will know when it's a good time to return south. God is guiding you.