Friday, March 4, 2011

More from Motor City

I have no Idea where this print will go. I just start typing. We spent the night last night in the hospital Motel. After checking on John this morning we went to pick up our mail. We had it sent to the wrong P.O., so we had to find it. Nothing real big in the mail, but we still love mail call. Did get a neat note from Aunt Nee down in Florida. She is sweet and older than I am.

We then found the Honda place. We disconnected the battery the other day and lost our radio and GPS. YOu now need the secret words to restart them. Honda cannot find them. So when we settle down I will write a nasty gram ot Honda.

Not a big deal, but they should work. They did offer to remove the radio to get the serial # then they could get the magic word (for $100). Oh well maybe later.

Sherry got her hair cut again, she loves it. She just does it to turn this old guy on, she knows I get a real kick out of her hair do, just after it it cut.

She went to Fantastic Sams, first. Not time available now, then to WalMart and got a cute cut.

Oh yeah, John, that is why we are here. Holding his own not a great change but it seems he is more alert and wants to talk. I am always wondering how long after the tubes are removed does it take for a person to be able to talk?

Okay, later.

Nite Shipslog
PS: I love cars, especially the old ones.....


Dar said...

Sherry is a cutie, no matter what her haircut is like., but it's nice she still likes to get a 'rise' outaya~~~~
I'll take that pick-um-up truck...mercy, what a gem. I love them all like you and don't know what a single one of them is, but I still loveum' all.
Glad John is coming along slowly. It's a good sign, with the extra rest. His throat will be sore when the tube is first pulled, and scratchy, so be tell him to be patient. It is not easy. Prayers are still coming for you all.

Anonymous said...

Late. Patience Strength for you all.
May the weekend be good for you.

betty said...

that is neat that John wants to talk; I hope he'll be able to talk soon and tell you all he wants to share

it is always good to get a hair cut, bet Sherry's came out great!


Jean said...

Glad that John is holding his own and wants to talk. Sherry's hair always looks nice. Take care.

shirl72 said...

Jack The person that sales the car usually has
that little card with the pass word on it. That is strange mine is somewhere When I bought my car. They told me about a pass word. I guess I will find out when something happens. Wish
the new cars were made like the old ones.

PS: I just remembered when I traded they ask me if I had that number for the pass word.


Cher' Shots said...

So happy for Johnny that the tube was removed. Positive sign of improvement. LOVE all the cars and trucks of old. Now those were class acts!
'love & hugs from across the lake'