Thursday, December 13, 2012

Building a Village

The small town of Wildwood, Florida is a neat little town on highway 301. There was a time it was 15 miles South West from The Villages over on US441.

The Villages of Florida is the fastest growing Micropolitan area in the USA. In 2000 the population was 8,333. 2010 census was over 51,000. Now it exceeds 80,000 and growing daily. The Villages are just that, a collection of planned Villages.  Golfing is one of the central drawing cards. Buy in the Villages, and you get free golf for life (Pay atten Sheila). Last count I had was 39 courses, and I know of at least one more since then.

villages car show

(It is not all golf carts of course, here is one car show)

Once in the Villages, you actually never need a car. You can go to the Hospital or Doctor. You can shop in some of the best stores, eat at any of the hundreds of restaurants. All using a Golf cart. Specially designed tunnels and bridges allow a golf car to go hundreds of miles, and never get on a road with cars.

Road to FL thanksgiving 022

The basis of this entry is, Wildwood is now bordered by the Villages. That 15 miles has shrunk, the NEW Village of Brownwood. It is being built, and it is amazing how fast it is being built.

Road to FL thanksgiving 024

This is the main entrance off hwy44. That is a life size casting of a cowboy and his steers. Shot at 50mph.

Road to FL thanksgiving 018

Above is the new Theatre with first run movies already playing. Below is the Hotel, Notice the street lights are hanging lanterns.

Road to FL thanksgiving 021

Sherry and I visited Brownwood (still under construction)for one of our walks before leaving Wildwood for Orlando.

Wildwood ORLANDO 005

Just past the above building, Looky what we found:

Wildwood ORLANDO 001Wildwood ORLANDO 002Wildwood ORLANDO 003


(It is a real truck, but it is a mock up of what it originally was. The tail gate area was cut, and slid around the tree. But I still love it because I have seen vehicles in this situation.)

Thanks for coming by the LOG.

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1940 ford pickum up

I am just trying to see what my rust bucket is. It is a 1940 o4 41!

1941 ford truck


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow, I had no idea there were places like the villages. Sure is a lot of golf being played down there. You gave me my something new for today. Sure hope I never get to old to learn something new. I loved seeing you and Sherry in the warm sunshine there!

Jackie said...

Love to travel with you and your wife! Great photos and information...
Looking at the photo of the truck with the tree growing where the bed used to be makes me smile. Love old trucks!! Great idea.
Thank you again for the them all.

betty said...

I like the concept of these villages; I would imagine they are quite popular!! Too cute with the tree in the back of the truck!!!


Helen said...

Hubby has a cousin that live there. We have never been there but she says she goes everywhere in their golf cart.

shirl72 said...

The fun part would being able to
go everywhere in a golf cart.
Love the tree growing in the truck
I think I would be neat to draw trees, grass and flowers on the truck. LOL

Chatty Crone said...

I had no idea they had something like that - It seems like a great concept to me. Or RV'ing...sandie

Sheila Y said...

Don't give Rick any ideas! Might be a neat place to live but houses probably cost more than I would want to pay...ha. Take care, Sheila

DD said...

Hi Jack and Sherry,
I did not know this much about Wildwood. I have a cousin that owns a place there in a golf club area. Their home base is in Nashville and they go to Wildwood several times a year. They will soon retire and make wildwood their permanant home. We are enticed, but I can not leave my little ones long enough to seriously entertain the idea.
I know you are having a really good time. I can see you now, lying on a warm sandy beach under an umbrella someplace in the Carribean...
Wishing you a safe and happy trip.
Merry Christmas!