Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pay attention, there will be a test later..

and the little piggie said

From the web:  “pay attention, there will be a test!”

Some folk can catch the perfect moment. Every once in awhile I am lucky enough to have the camera, but most of the time it is like Lucy at her Christmas party, have the camera but forget to use it.

I have to laugh at my friend Don’s story about Yellowstone, he was holding a movie camera and not using it as an Elk walks just about over a man. Don said, “I was standing there saying that ‘Elk is going to get him’, over and over and never raised the camera.”

BUT HERE ARE SOME GREAT shots someone else got:


Potty training at its best!awkiss apig


I have been lucky a few times, YEAH these are the cutest grandkids:

scan1982-84 066scan1982-84 030

Reece                             Ben

scan1982-84 006scan1982-84 013

Carol & Ben            Sherry, Ben & Snowy

scan1982-84 015

Corey & Scruffy


scan1992-93 003

Jack(Eldest son) & the Twins Steve & Josh

scan1993-94 066scan1993-94 070

Two of my favorites of Matt

scan1994-96 137

Uncle Hisure and Aunt Aggie and Luke

scan1990-91 014

                          Josh & Steve

scan1994-96 119100_0099

Youngest Grandson Luke with Sherry then his dad.

Yeah our Grandkids day.

I have lost a lot of Pictures to Picasa. When you delete them there, they are deleted on your hard drive. Doesn’t seem fair.

Thanks for coming this way,

Nite Shipslog


They grow up fast, don’t they. That youngest one, Luke graduated High School this year.



The Studebaker one of the cars before its time.

Probably a 1951 Starlight Coupe. I wouldn’t mind having one.


Jackie said...

YOU have the cutest photos...your grands are precious, precious, PRECIOUS!
I'm so sorry that you lost photos via deleting them from Picasa. Seems like there is some way you could retrieve them.
Love the love in each photo...

Anonymous said...

Yes, kids certainly are a challenge for the camera. May time and life please continue to treat you and your family kind.

Paula said...

Enjoyed seeing your photos.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have some cute grandkids pictures. I just recently went through and deleted some old pictures so I could add some new ones and didn't realize they would be deleted from my hard drive too. They said my space was full and could add new ones till I deleted some. I think most were old ones that weren't even on this hard drive, but from my old computer. I can't keep up will it all ...but I'll learn sooner or later I guess.

Chatty Crone said...

I liked your photos too. I like the little one kissing the pigs. Lol. And I know what you mean by losing pictures - that is so easy to do!

betty said...

All cute pictures of the grands! Always hard to lose pictures too; we like the convenience of the computer to store them until something happens and they get lost and then we are lost without them. Good reminder for me to back up my pictures.....

have a great Sunday you two!


Dar said...

So sweet. I loved Scruffy kisses and Matt trying to fill those big shoes. Aren't GrandLoves Grand!, and our own kids too...hugs all around.
I've been loading my pics onto USB Flash Drives...hope I do not loose any. I was just talking to my TX sis about how we would rather look at our pics by paging through photo albums or digging through Mom's picture box.
BLessYourHearts and May2013BeGood2U2

shirl72 said...

It is hard to believe that all
your Grandkids are grown. To think Reececup had a baby and now you have a great great grandchild. Time moves on...

DD said...

Sweet pictures. You just have to love little ones. Your twins are precious. (I have twin daughters, you know).
Your Elk story reminded me of another true story. My husband and I were driving through Yellowstone and I noticed over to the side of the road was the most hugh animal I had ever seen. It was a moose. It seems to me that it was larger than an