Friday, December 7, 2012

Remember Pearl Harbor

I was about 2 yrs old on Dec 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor changed most of the lives in the USA. Most every family sent a son, father or grandfather to the war. Every family was affected in some way.

About 2500 people were killed. The Battle Ship Arizona, sank and became a memorial. Sherry and I went aboard the memorial, it gives you a solemn feeling to be above a ship, that is the tomb for 1177 sailors.

It affected our families. My Brothers, Odis and Junior were Navy, Sherry’s Brother, Lefty (Wiley) was USMC. We had cousins and uncles there also.

Every country has moments to remember. The USA had: Remember the Alamo, Remember the Maine, Remember Pearl Harbor and the worst of all, and in most of our life times, WE WILL ALWAYS

                   REMEMBER 9/11.

So today was the day to remember Pearl Harbor, but also to remember we are a free people, as long as we remember!

Thanks for coming this way!

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Our troops today will remember things you and I may not know about, and we have troops who have sworn to die for their country,

(if necessary),  that are IN HARM’S WAY AS I TYPE! Remember them.


1941 Graham hollywood1941 plymouth pickup1941_Chevrolet_Special_Deluxe_Sport_Sedan-a11941_Chrysler_Newport-red

These were some of the 1941 cars built. No American cars were built 1942-1945, we were building tanks, jeeps and 6x6’s for the war.


Paula said...

Nice memorial entry. I say God bless all the guys and gals who have served our country in the past and the ones who are serving now.

Jackie said...

God bless our troops...
My Daddy went to war (Navy) right after Pearl Harbor was bombed.
He is 86 years old and is doing well. I love him with all my heart...

Chatty Crone said...

I remembered it was Pearl Harbor today - my parents mentioned it a lot. They got married the prior November 22, 1941 and Pearl Harbor happened, and my dad went away for two years. Did any of your family get hurt? sandie

Ken Riches said...

A day that will always live in infamy for our country...

betty said...

I like that we need to remember that we are free people as long as we remember that a lot of people sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

My mom talked about Pearl Harbor, hearing the news, how the war affected their lives with rationing, etc. Haven't heard anything on the news about it; I think it is a part of our history we need to always remember and learn about.


Jean said...

I don't remember Pearl Harbor, but Grover's oldest brother was in the war. He never would talk much about it. He was one of the lucky one he came back home without any injuries. Great entry .

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We should always remember those brave men and women who defend our freedom. They do so much and I do pray for them every day. I had relatives that fought on both fronts of WWII and they served proudly. I agree we should never forget.

Mevely317 said...

I'm always a bit saddened that monumental events such as Pearl Harbor are rarely given mention in the press these days.
My father was a Navy man, stationed in Newport on Dec. 7. Upon hearing the news, he instructed my mother to pack a hamper and they disappeared into the countryside for a few hours respite -- knowing fully that he would be called to active duty ...that they might never see one another again.
Thank God, he returned home safely, but we must NEVER forget those who did not.

shirl72 said...

I remember when the war ended and
Dad put us in the car and joined
the parade with TP being thrown
everywhere and horns blowing.

God Bless all our Boys that have
fought and still protecting us
today that is the reason we have our Freedom. WE should never forget.

DD said...

Hi Jack, I was 2 years and almost 4months on that date. I don't actually remember the Pearl Harbor event, but I do remember the war. At that young age, I did not understand, but I knew it was a serious situation. I can still hear FDR's voice speaking on the radio as Mom and Dad listened closely. As the war went on, I began to understand. I knew why my uncle left to serve.
I very well remember the happy day the end of the was announced. Our family gathered at my grandparents home. I was so happy because my beloved uncle would soon return.
I have a special love for the men who have served to keep us free.

Louis la Vache said...

The Graham Hollywood was built on the Cord Beverly body and frame. When Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg folded, Graham picked up the dies and tooling for the Cord.