Saturday, December 8, 2012

Senior Love



                           (Good  Friends,  Don & Evelyn)

All right I am thinking, This senior romance novel has gotten too involved in suspense, but I still like it. Of course I would, I am the author Winking smile. When writing, I do not know the ending of the book, and am thinking first, what is going to be the ‘hook’. Once I get the hook set, what is going to be the reward and finally how is this sucker gonna end? 


                  ( Our good Friends, Von Dale and Rose)

Whoopee, I now have the ending and what I think is a nice (sweet)  surprise for  my two main characters.

Picture 016

                               (Lovers, Sherry and Jack)

Problem is, once I know the ending I start to rush to get there, I gotta slow down and let the characters smell the roses.

REUNION 002     

                (Good friends Buddy and Di, Di is the kid,

                                Buddy robbed the cradle)

It is not too early to think of the best title. This is a senior romance. The guy is in his 70’s has never been married. The lady in her 70’s also, and is a recent widow. They are from two ends of the spectrum. He wealthy, no religious orientation. She a doctor, but from very humble beginnings. Her church is much the center of her life. He is from Pittsburgh, she from the small town of Mt Bell in North Carolina.

They met each other in medical school, but went different directions.

My original thought was, ‘Finally, Love”, ‘And Finally Love’. I thought once: “A Senior Can Still Love”. Then “Yes, Seniors Love”

Does it make any difference to you about the comma? “Finally, Love”  or “Finally Love” ? Adding the And, puts it closer to the top alphabetically, ha! “And Finally Love


Fred & Frances 004 - CopyFred & Frances 003 - Copy

(Our Friends, Fred Alton and Frances, yeah they are still silly and kiss a lot!)

I switched from a profession of story teller to writer. It is still hard, since I have a limited vocabulary, I sit at times for five minutes thinking of a word I want to use. (that is age, my friend). I have learned, to keep my chain of thought I will just insert xxxxxxx and continue. Later the word will come to me and I can go back and fill in the x’s.


             (Buck & Mary Ann’s wedding! Seniors in love)

All that aside, I like short titles, especially for novels, that is obvious, i.e. Sticky, Rags and S’gar. LOL

Whadayathink for a title? Got a better one? Shoot it to me. I hope to have this one published before ‘love is in the air’ in the Spring.

Every year at Christmas I ask myself: Self, where is your Christmas book?

Thanks for coming by the Blog.

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However on a personal note, yours  (mine) as individuals, is the most important life in the world. Take care of it.



1955 Karmann Ghia(?) the poor man’s sports car.


Chatty Crone said...

You have a lot of good characters!!!

How about:

Love, Finally.

I don't know.


Jackie said...

I love the love here...and can't wait to read more.

shirl72 said...

I see one couple still married
but fuss a lot. Now everybody will want to know which couple. I will never tell. Maybe they can
find out by reading the book.

I like Love Never Fails.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» has always liked the Karmann-Ghia. Even today, it still looks good! An often forgotten fact about the Karmann-Ghia is that its design was inspired by Virgil Exner's Chrysler K-310 show car.

Paula said...

Like the pictures of you and Sherry's senior friends. I don't care where you put the comma it sounds like a good book.

betty said...

Never too early to think about the Christmas book for next Christmas!! I like Finally Love; I would leave comma out; sounds like an interesting plot.

Wonderful pictures of your friends and their love for each other, especially yours and Sherry's!

(tell Sherry I too loved shorthand when I took it in high school; it was my favorite subject. I never used it either after high school but every time I see a steno type notebook, I do remember filling pages and pages of shorthand :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like it is going to be a great book. I like And Finally Love for your title. Surprised that you are working on the ending already! You do have some good friends for examples there of senior love and you and Sherry top the list for those I know.

Lucy said...

I like And, Finally Love. We were supposed to get snow and still are but it is making itself scarce this year. I am not complaining but if we get any moisture it will probably be in that form.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful mean to measure time and life.

Anonymous said...

I like Finally, Love .

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought you & your wife had a HUGE martini in front of you, not a floating candle.