Thursday, December 27, 2012

Have we become a nation of idiots?

A news paper published the names addresses of gun permit owners in some New York cities. When I saw it I thought, WHAT? Are honest gun owners now considered like child molesters?


How many law enforcement officials were listed? How many single mom’s who want to protect their home? How many honest folk who have ‘always’ owned a gun and registered it because the law required it?

I learned on Jimmy’s Journal, that in retaliation an attorney listed all the addresses and phone numbers of the journalists. Now He/they know what it feels like to be ‘naked’ in public.

Do we need to further polarize our country? I may be wrong, we have always been separated by race, wealth and social status. We have always had the homeless and the ultra rich. But in my memory it has never been so obvious. Now someone is persistent in separating the gun owners and the non owners.

I saw a ‘not so funny cartoon’ on Louis’s journal. About a call to ‘protect our children’, with a picture in the background of a child being crushed by the national debt. There are many ways to protect our future.

Oh, I wanted to apologize to all about last nights comments, Honest I was sober. I was on Sherry’s Laptop until after 2am trying to find the problem with the internet. I was reading and commenting and losing it. This system was on for 60 seconds then off for 5 minutes.

4G modem


(RV/Truckers antenna & the amplifier)

We use a Verizon wireless modem. I have added a Wilson Cell antenna and amplifier along with a Cradlepoint router (Each one has a danged password, that I have somewhere),  we are in remote areas many times and need all the help we can get..  It seems we are back on line. After last night I realized how dependent we are on the internet.  Amazing how we take technology for granted.

I am also back in my schedule. Writing in the late evenings. The book is coming along nicely I am at a part I truly enjoy writing. I know the ending now, and am anxious to put it together. Sherry still hasn’t read a word of it. She is sticking to her guns: I’ll read it once it is a BOOK!  LOL

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Everyone wants a New Cadillac for the price of a used VW, you can make the offer, but that doesn’t mean the seller will accept.


                         1954 Skylark


Dumb kid. I was a barefooted kid, in the Buick showroom late 1953. Looking at one just like this. I thought it was the prettiest car I had ever seen. I was sliding my hands over the RR tail light chrome and cut my finger on a bad chrome job. WOW, I didn’t know I could have had my dad sue the pants off the Buick company, Shucks, I coulda been a rich kid.


shirl72 said...

I have got to learn how to shot a
gun. Got a BB gun for Christmas
and have learn how to shoot it.
If they ban guns you can go on any
street and buy one.

I was wondering where you were,
but I guess you were having trouble
with the internet. Will write
you another e-mail was getting
worried. Thought you were ignoring

Anonymous said...

Yes, a thoughtful mean to measure time and life. Please have you all a good Friday.

Elizabeth said...

It is amazing how we take it for granted! My lap top was in the shop 2 days and I realized how much I use it every day!

betty said...

Good for Sherry sticking to her guns and good for you Jack that you are still writing and know how it will end!

We do get so dependent on our internet/technology. How did we ever "survive" without it? (I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet :)

I'm not sure what is going wrong with the country but it seems like I wonder if we will ever get back to what we were as a country and if we'll ever get along again with everyone. So much division here; so many sides, etc. sometimes we forget we really are on the same team as Americans.


Jackie said...

I'm 62 years old, and I can never remember our country being more divided...ever.
And the answer to your blog title question: yes
Don't get me started; the night the 2012 Presidential election results came in was one of the saddest nights that I can remember in a long time. Enough said by me, for now. I won't hijack your blog any longer with my thoughts! :))

Ken Riches said...

Our President is not going to ban guns, but there may be legislation on high capacity clips. That is not a bad thing!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had that verison for years when camping and loved it. It's a great way to stay connected. I don't need it any longer though. Glad you got things working there. Hope your book writing continues to go well. With the end in sight, you must be close to finishing now. Then Sherry can read it and let us know if it's any good or not..Only kidding there, I'm sure it'll be great. Have a fantastic Friday!

Fred Alton said...

Guns? Something I've grown up with and knew from my childhood that they were to be respected and not feared. Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. Never touych or pick up grandpa or grandma's gun for it is loaded and ready to shoot. It is a tool with which one can "bring home the bacon." It is a security device (like a fire extinguisher) with which one can protect one's self and family. An assault weapon is not needed. A defensive weapon must be able to meet and overpower any weapon of the intruder.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» hasn't had a gun since he was 14, but he is going to go buy one. Our country is plunging headlong into tyranny. The Founders put the Second Amendment in so we could protect ourselves from tyranny.

We all need to contact Feinstein's office and let her know her oppose her legislation: HERE

Re the Buick Skylark - Buick had the reputation for better craftsmanship than many manufacturers. Perhaps because there was a lot of hand work on those few Skylarks that were built, there were some (ahem) rough spots - and you found one!

Chatty Crone said...

You know some times I feel so dumb - all this is so over me at times. Listing gun owners and journalist addresses - where does one get all that information anyway - has to be someone pretty high up. sandie