Monday, December 31, 2012

Farmer’s & Family make life long friends

His name is Kenneth Conrad.

Hers was Eileen Pinder.(now Conrad)

Kenneth,  a paratrooper from WWII, met his olive skinned beauty,who had English roots, via the Islands, in Florida. Married her and took her from the comforts she knew in Florida to rolling hills of North Central Missouri. Where, at a farmhouse, with a well and outhouse, they raised a beautiful family of six girls and four boys. All beautiful, good looking AND TOUGH.

We were invited to a Birthday party Sunday in Okeechobee, it was for Harry, the eldest, his 65th.  Wow, I remember Harry when he was a teenager. A big growing farm boy.

Conrad Harry Conrad the man

The boys, Harry, Kenny, Robert and David Luke, all men in anyone’s book, all successful in life and assets to the USA.

The Girls, all beauties, Glenda, Juanelle, Irma, Mary, Lil and Vickie, true ladies and also successful in their chosen careers.

In 1960, I was fortunate to get orders to a small radar site just outside Kirksville, MO, as a computer repairman. We had one son about 2, and met these folk in church, at Moberly, MO. Many Sundays we were invited out to the farm for dinner, we fell in love with them all.

Funny, when I thought I was a preacher, we went back to pastor that little church  and added more cement to a relationship.

Sherry and I have always been in love, and pretty demonstrative I guess. The kids thought of us as the kissing couple. LOL. We did kiss a lot, still do! I would bet we kiss 2 out of 4 times we pass in this motor home. LOL That girl is a good kisser.(It is also hard to control that girl’s hands!)

Anyway, Kenneth was true to his German heritage, the man could make  anything work. He worked a full time job at H.B. Chance and farmed forty (?) acres. He helped his neighbors constantly.

scan1994-96 002

(One of our stops in the mid 1990’s)

Anytime thru Missouri, we stop to see them. Florida is still home for Eileen, so we see them at least once a year when they come down. After moving to Florida we met some of the extended family, one especially Aunt Irma Lee. Also a wonderful lady, she treated Eileen's children as her own. Sewing beautiful clothes every year as they grew.

Conrad Eileen DavidLuke

(Eileen & her baby, David Luke)

Conrad Glenda and Nee

(Glenda with Aunt Irma Lee (Aunt Nee))

The children dote over their Mom and Irma Lee. In their youth the two were well known singers until Kenneth broke up the singers. But still, now in their 80’s & 90’s their voices are good. The children inherited mom’s talent and Kenneth’s work ethic.

I did not know the Birthday boy, one of my heroes, was a singer. But  we were treated to a duet by Harry and Vickie.(no pic)

Conrad David jua EileenConrad Eileen singing

This whole bunch Sings, When Eileen sang in our church, her talent and dedication was such as to send chills, she could have sang in Carnegie Hall, she was that good. Glenda says Vickie sings like her mom but with more range.(wow)

Conrad folks at the party22Conrad Vickie C BD party

The boys in construction, the girls professional, finances, medical, administrative and Vickie, she is a Jet Mechanic here in Orlando at the Airport.

David Luke a specialty cabinet maker/carpenter and Glenda, late of the financial and care giving world; are here in Florida.  The rest still in and around the Show-Me state.

I confess to stealing the photos from Holly, David Luke's sweet wife. WE are getting old. I DIDN’T TAKE THE CAMERA AND SHERRY LEFT BOTH PHONES AT HOME,(yep we are getting there).


(This is Bailey, David Luke's daughter (a few years ago) we missed her at the party, she was off baby sitting, she is a lady now.)

Thanks for stopping by the log.

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Kenneth could not come to Florida. He is a victim of that terrible disease, Alzheimer's. I sure missed him.



The corvair. we owned one of these. I loved it, It drove great but it sure loved to leak oil!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great you got to visit with old friends there. Sure do wiish I was in the warmer south. It's way too cold here. I had to go out this morning so I stopped at MD's and got a bacon egg and cheese sandwich . That is a treat for me. Your farm eggs sound like a real treat too! I think they do taste better, but don't get them often at all. Now I'm staying in for the rest of this old year. Happy New Year to you both! Wishing you only happy days in the year ahead!

Anonymous said...

When you thought you were a preacher? I have an idea that if more preachers were like you, more people would listen to preachers.~Mary

Ken Riches said...

Long time friends are to be cherished.

shirl72 said...

You have met lots of wonderful
people. You have remained friends
to all. Glad you had a good time.
I can't believe you left camera
and both phones home that is not like you both. Well we are getting
some age I have to write notes
all the time them loose the note.
So we are all there..

Elizabeth said...

It is wonderful to have friends that you have shared so much with. I love the way you speak of your Sherry!

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like you guys had a ho-down! A really fun time with friends and family.

To a wonderful new year - 2013! sandie♥

Lucy said...

Have a great New Year Jack and Sherry. I hope next year will be good for you and itch free for me.

betty said...

Glad you got the time to spend with "old friends" LOL about forgetting the camera and the phones, I laugh too hard though; I'm sure I could do the same thing!

Happy New Year!


Jackie said...

Aren't good friends the BEST!!
I didn't know you were a preacher.
See! I learn something new every time I come to your blog.
Happy New Year!!

Glenda said...

Jack...don't know if U go back and see comments from past entries..but I just saw this last nite & Aunt Nee read this a.m. We LOVE your story of Sunday in Okeechobee!!!