Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am an apple eater. I like a hard apple, one that crunches or breaks when I bite into it. I fell in love with the Empire apple in NY, next to that I like the Delicious yellow or red.  I also like Granny Smith.  I like most every apple green with salt. I usually eat an apple every night, right now, I am eating a red delicious along with some almonds. Lately I have cut the apple up in pieces and laid it out, using a toothpick I get a piece of apple to go with an almond. Tonight I will eat the entire apple seeds and all. (I will also eat a fresh ‘off the tree’, tangerine, because I can’. quote Paula Dean.)

Problem is, I like Doritos, tostados and pretzels too! When I don’t have one of the above, it is  microwave pop corn. I am not much for potato chips or pork skins.

This generation has taught me a new word, “Comfort Food”. I thought all food was comfort food. Now you take a big Porterhouse or T-bone steak, don’t that give you comfort?

Okay, I learn slow, but I learn.  MY comfort food is warm cornbread & milk or Crackers & milk, mixed in a big glass or a bowl. The other comfort food is cheese and saltines with a glass of cold milk.


Away from home, my most favorite comfort food in the world is Beneigh's and chicory coffee at the CafĂ© du monde in the French Quarter down in ‘Y’s’ Nawlins. That is Comfort with a capitol ‘C’.


(This was the second order!)

What brought this entry up is, I have been eating too many snacks.  Gotta cut back. Smile  Our friend Rose ‘@Roses are Read’, changed her diet all together, that would probably help, but I don’t have that much will power.

Thanks for coming this way.

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At times I want to say, It is his/her fault! Instead of admitting, I blew it.



(here to stay?)Sometimes PR doesn’t live up to its billing!


Ken Riches said...

Love the Quarter and all the food...

Paula said...

My comfort food lately is Heath candy bars. I buy three at a time, eat one, and hide the other two in the fridge. Isn't it strange I can always find one when I want it?

betty said...

Almonds and apple good food! Of course Doritos and pretzels while they taste good and full of empty calories (darn). Cut back on those and you'll do just fine! It is hard though because there is so much good food out there, comfort food, junk food, fast food, etc., hard sometimes to say "no" to it all. Love the picture of you and Sherry, Jack!


Sheila Y said...

Why can't our bodies crave only the good stuff, would make things so much easier...ha.
I think I could like that 'Nawlins' food, can't be bad covered in powdered sugar. Enjoy your week, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your description of eating your apples with the almonds made me think of a snack we had once. It was a bowl full of sliced apples with warm caramel sauce on top then sprinkled with nuts and dollop of whip cream on top. It was so good and we got out apples and nuts in one dish. I've always loved to eat and although I do eat a lot less than I used to, I still enjoy all my favorites and haven't had to change my diet. I have even had the pleasure of going to New Orleans and having that treat too. Oh my they were good. We are having some mild weather for December here. Yesterday it rained all day. I'll take that over snow anytime.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis'» comfort foods include:
• Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy and buttermilkd biscuits
• Breyer's or Haagen-Daz Vanilla Ice Cream

Ford will never completely live down the flop Edsel was!
They introduced it right in the face of an economy in recession. It was the answer to a question no one asked...

Woody said...

My Comfort Food is a Frying Pan full of Venision cooked in butter, a loaf of homemade Bread and soaking a piece of venision wrapped in bread in the pan drippings!!!
Hope you are staying warm, today it is 50 and tomorrow is gonna be up in the 60's !!
love from the Northern Mountains!!
Gary & Anna Mae.

Anonymous said...

Love cookies and feel much comfort with Sushi ;) during the night, Spaghetti from back home ... more than a year now since last I've been there.

Winter seems to have arrived over here. Please have you all a good Tuesday ahead.

Anonymous said...

the Edsel flew by so fast I barely remember it...but tail fins on a pink Caddy that I remember quite well :) my Mom wanted one...who'd have believed?!!! my Dad wanted a silver Jag...that I did believe...I remember looking at it (with Dad and family) in an auto showcase on High Street in Portsmouth, Virginia when I was under 4 years old :) what small car did he get? a Crosley sedan...well yippee (said sarcastically)!!! watched a National Geographic documentary (Netflix) on the Appalachian Trail, thought of you when I watched and wondered if I was seeing some of the trail you've hiked on over the years. Hello to your good wife and Merry Christmas to you both :) did you notice how I haven't talked about snacks...Don (from Iowa) used to ask for something to "piece" on...he liked saltines, sharp cheddar cheese and pickle chips...sardines and smoked oysters...popcorn and an apple...caramel do I miss fixing that stuff for him or what...hard to go grocery shopping even 3 years later. also chocolate Oreos and ice cold milk OR a FROZEN Snickers bar...I buried him with a Snickers bar :) BTW I like Red Delicious the best, in my opinion, for eating and making apple pies with :)

Dar said...

Now ya done it. I've been trying to avoid the evening snacking. Bill likes his ice cream with a banana. I like an apple, banana or grapes. Now that I gone and read this entry, I'm breaking my 5 min. promise to myself and having hot chocolate with fresh bread and butter for dipping. Dang.
Gotta hit the kitchen before Mon. night football starts.

Chatty Crone said...

Now the first few things you mentioned I thought were great for you - and said to myself - no wonder you are so healthy. Not sure what those last things were - but it looked like powdered sugar - lol - now that is my problem - I have to do better too. I know you and you will! sandie