Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Remember the day after From Christmas Past

I imagine everyone goes thru the period of a let down after the highs of Christmas at some time or another. But there was a period of our lives, after my FIRST retirement, that Sherry and I really began to live, the day after.

A little back ground. You that know about sisters, know most of them are FAMILY TIGHT, close or how ever you say it in your neck of the woods. Well the Harris girls were no exceptions. Elmer married Lennie, became the first a Son in law. Then Sonny married Collette and lastly little old me was lucky enough to get Sherry, the baby girl.

Scanoldpic9 056

(The THREE, Lennie, Sherry and Colette)

Each one of us learned immediately that we had married not a girl, but a family of girls. I soon learned  what that it was actually a pleasure.

I loved the sisters, Lennie tough as nails inwardly and outwardly. Colette outwardly, beautiful but very fragile. Inwardly she was as tough as Lennie. My Sherry was a combination of both, to me the best of both worlds, tough and beautiful.

scan1990-91 054

Colette & Sonny at The Alamo, San Antonio, near Paula

scan1990-91 057

(Colette, Sonny (me at back with the movie camera) Leaving the Set of Dallas, before JR got shot!)

Sherry and I were known as the travelers. So after retirement we moved back to the hometown area, and trips started. Great family times from Thanksgiving to Christmas. But the day after Christmas we rented a van large enough for the three couples. the girls would decide where we wanted to go, and off we went. New Orleans, San Antonio, Key West, Cape Canaveral, the Grand old Opry and  Graceland (Colette was in love with Elvis).

scan1993-94 060

(The girls with an astronaut)

scan1993-94 063

(Me, Colette, Sonny and Lennie Leaving the Shuttle)

scan1993-94 064

(Me stealing a kiss from Lennie at a motel above Miami)

Other Trips were to Canada with Lennie and Elmer where I taught Youth Camp for a week. We took separate trips to Nova Scotia with each couple.  Across country and all over the USA with  Collette and Sonny.

scan1994-96 072

Sonny & Colette at ‘My Old Kentucky Home’

(scan1994-96 090

(Elmer and Lennie at Frankenmuth, MI)

scan1994-96 095

(As we drove past Niagara Falls one year, I believe this is the Canadian side)

I found it great married to a family of sisters, and wow, how I miss Lennie and Colette. They were so alive and so much fun. Our jokes,  escapades and trips could fill a book. Aren’t memories great. so today, the day after  Christmas, I still get a high thinking of wonderful people, SISTERS.

We still have Elmer, in his 80’s not in great health but he still lives alone in a house they asked me to build. I no longer have my buddy Sonny, but he too fills this day with great memories.

I refuse a get down anymore, Christmas is a wonderful time, but everyday I am allowed to walk has gotta be GOOD!

Thanks for coming this way.

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It is both what you had and what you have, that makes life wonderful.



I could be wrong, but to me it was 1955 when the car companies debuted the unique paint jobs. Before this there were the daring two tones, top and bottom.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have some wonderful memories. I do too but they don't get me down at all...I like to remember those days with friends and family that are no longer with us. They are missed but never truly gone when we keep them close in our hearts. It's still snowing but so far not as bad as originally forecast. We do still have a blizzard warning but they lifted it in places to the south of us. I'd say we have half a foot of snow so far.

DD said...

Very good entry. I enjoyed it.
This story reminds me of my Mom and Dad and Mom's two sisters and their husbands. ...same type family. My Mom and Dad were the last one's left.

You have been wonderfully blessed, still are, you and your girl.

Take care,
PS: I appreciate your comments.

Jackie said...

I haven't been following your blog long enough to know as I was reading this post whether Lennie and Colette were still here, but as I finished reading, I realized that they have passed on. These memories and photos are beautifully shared, my friend. I loved reading about each of Sherry's sisters and your brothers-in-law, as well. It sounds like you all had a wonderfully precious time together. These memories will last for always...and I love that you shared them with us. Hugs and smiles to you and Sherry, my friend.

Woody said...

Glad your Cruise was enjoyable, surprised at the winds, I have been laid up with a bug, this is not the flu, it's worse, been on antibiotics for 10 days, 5 of them in bed.
We got a storm and have about 6 inches of snow, we have more coming in tonight.
Glad yer back safe and sound on dry land.
Hope 2013 is a "Great Year"

Paula said...

What wonderful memories and fun the three couples had.If you all went to San Jose mission you were near where I lived in San Antonio.

Chatty Crone said...

You have great memories Jack - great ones. And there is a line in Shadowland - if I can remember it - it is about love and the now and the end.

Part of the joy now will bring or be part of the sadness later on.

I guess you can't love now if you are afraid of losing them later on.

Make sense at all?

shirl72 said...

We do have good memories. I sure
miss my sister. She was a good
listener. Brother we are the only
two left in our Family. Thank
goodness for all the good memories.

betty said...

What a cute idea to take a trip the day after Christmas! Looked like you all had great adventures doing so too! How neat too to have that closeness with Sherry's sisters and spouses to travel like this!! Great memories indeed!


Glenda said...

Love this one, Sherry & You have a million memories, it's wonderful that they are shared:)